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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Leaves, Marlene's Thoughts, Cosi's Telling, & Juneau's 'Splaining

I promised Echo that I would take some pictures of the leaves turning while on a ride with our horses in PGH in the County Park where we ride. These were taken yesterday. Some of the trees have already lost their leaves. The horses make a shuffling sound with their hooves walking on them on the trails. Joel & Cutter led Charlie & me for some great 2 hr. rides this weekend. In spite of the dog that wasn't on a leash & came flying at Charlie & me, we still had a great ride. Cutter came barreling after the dog to get it away from us. He is not a cow horse, but he sure loves to herd dogs who are not on a leash to protect Charlie. He also loves to chase turkeys.

Joel talked to the little girl, Sarah, who is Norris's new owner. She said to tell me that she is taking great care of him. She brushes him everyday. She said to tell me that she gives him lot of hugs & is with him alot so he won't be lonely missing his mommy! She has also ridden him & likes his fast walk. Norris met a goat for the first time & got a little startled, but he calmed down. I'm so glad that this has worked out so great for him. He has a place to run free, a girlfriend to be with (he's a gelding), & a little girl who is his new best friend. Couldn't ask for anything better for my boy!

The 1st of my TMJ surgeries is in two days. Yep, I'm scared! I'll be a whole lot better & calmer when I wake up in recovery afterwards. I'll take one of my juicy, "take me away" romance (Joel calls them smut books!) books to read once I am in a room & no longer groggy after the surgery. They are going to keep me in the hospital overnight.
Hi Cosmos here - Mommy had to step away from the puter & I just hafta tell all that "Juneau is in trouble again!" I didn't make him do it. This was all on him . . . . .

Now move yur butt over, Cosi, & let me 'splain my side of the story. I was only trying to help! I heard mommy tell daddy that she would like the wallpaper taken down in the breakfast room & just to paint the walls a cheery color. Well, after reading our friends blogs where they helped their families remodel their houses, I got an idea. I'd help daddy take the wall paper off! But, I guess he wasn't ready yet for my help. I shulda got rid of the evidence that was laying on the floor. Then, they probably wouldn't have noticed, or not!


The Husky in the Window said...

Oh Juneau, why is it we always get caught? It's gotta be Missy and Cosmos telling. It's just gotta.

Our help is never appreciated.

We will keep checking on your mom. Keep us updated. Hope she feels better. We'll be thinking of her.

Oh, those fall pictures are pretty. We don't get those kinda colors in the south.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Kapp pack said...

Glad to hear Norris is settling in to his new home. I can't believe how much Cosi's fur has darken...if I remember he used to have very light red fur. Juneau's mask is gorgeous!!! Juneau- I'm sure in the long run mom and dad will appreciate your expert help.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Khady Lynn said...

Ya know, we try to help, and all they do is complain! Gee, I wish they would make up their minds!

I think you did good Juneau!

Good luck to your mom!! I hope you feel better after your surgery!


Bama said...

Oh Juneau, humoms & dads just don't appreciate our design skills, just look at all the problems Dave the GDFTCB has convincing his mom she needs his help with her quilt patterns! Don't get discouraged, Chili is working with him to make sure all design dogs are kept gainfully employed. Maybe y'all should start a working dog union....
Bama & the RHP

Amici said...

You can come help take our walllpaper down anytime! My parents hate doing it and we got a room and 1/2 to go!

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Humans seldom appreciate husky decorating. Just this weekend Roo Roo decided to bring in a bunch of leaves and sticks. But my Human just vacuumed them up!

Anonymous said...

Wooo! We hope your mom's first surgery goes well. Please keep us posted! Oh helping the parents redecorate, even when they don't want to, is SOO fun!

The Daily Echo said...

Thank woo so much for the pictures of the crunchy leaves! There's hope yet. We're so pleased to hear about Norris but we're not surprised he's settling in so well. Those little girls sure do love their horses! He's gonna be smothered with love. We hope your surgery goes very well so you can start reading that book!

The Daily Echo said...

I forgot to congratulate Juneau on his first interior decorating project. Way to go lil guy!

Joe Stains said...

We always seem to be in trouble when we are just helping!? we love the fall photos, we don't really have fall here in the desert!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Good luck in your surgery! Juneau, if you just keep working on the wallpaper, you'll have it ready to paint by the time your mom gets better from surgery!!

Steve & Kat

The Army of Four said...

Woooo! Pretty leaves! We still have Summer here. Fall's coming - just not yet!
GOOD LUCK to your mom! We hope her surgery and recovery go well! We're thinking about her!
PS: Juneau: Never get caught with the goods!

One Little Birdie said...

Cosi has gotten darker! We are so proud of him and love to see that he is getting to be a healthy weight and gorgeous furs. Juni is gettin big! And he looks as though he means business about that wallpaper. We bet he would be extra good at decorating.

Hang in there Marlene! We're all crossing our paws for you to have an easy recovery!

Anonymous said...

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