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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

They're Here, They're Here!!!

Can it be!
Smells like em!

Woooo Hoooo, they are here!! Mommy ordered cookies from my MayaMarie's Mommy (Happy Hearts Dog Cookies, Inc. By Gerri)

MayaMarie pawed me a note on this package - Kisses to my sweet Juneau, Woo Woos, MayaMarie

Mommy ordered for us - Blueberry Banana, Applesauce Banana, & Salmon Cheddar. (A personal Siberian favorite of mine!!! -Cosi-) (But I luv all of them by my MM's Mommy - whatever she makes!!! I wish they all lived closer to us in PGH cuz Cosi & I can help be new cookie taste testers! -Juni-)

PEE ESS - As you might notice that the date of the pictures are about a week or so old. We haven't been able to update our bloggie as often as we would like - but we do check in wif our friends blogs a lot even when we can't always leave a comment. Sos, bear wif us. We are still around! And, we still have cookies left to chow down on!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Day After Labor Day!

Hiya EveryPuppy & 2-legged & 4-legged Friends,

Well, I heard that this was the "labor" day weekend. Doesn't the word "labor" mean work? Arentcha spose to enjoy a holiday?!?! Not in our house. Daddy took a good look at Cosi's & my handiwork of deconstruction in the Breakfast Room & decided that this weekend was time to start the process to bewootify the house.

On Saturday, mommy & daddy went on a 2-hr. trail ride with Charlie & Bud. Then, they went out to a builder supply place & gots wood & boards & other stuff.

On Sunday, mommy & daddy packed a lunch & went on a 5-hr. trail ride & picnic with the horsies. After that, daddy got down to work to update the trim in R Dining Room & Hallway.

Yesterday, after playing wif the horsies for just a few hours, major deconstruction occurred. You should have seen our mommy's face when daddy took the front window completely out & realized that me & Cosi were still running around the house helping daddy. She flipped out & muttered that she didn't want to lose her "babies" jumping out of the hole in the Living Room where the window should've been - meaning us - & we had to be in jail for a few hours while daddy worked on the front window surrounding trim & put the window back in.

Daddy still has to do some wall patching in the downstairs & hall way.

Then, the rest of the wall paper has to be pulled down frum the Breakfast Room. We can help wif that job! Daddy got special board for the walls instead of more wall paper & he wants to add trim there, too (which we can't help him wif).

We hopes you like the pictures.

Til next time,


Pee Ess: We were looking over our friends' blogs & came to my MayaMarie's blog entitled "Evacuation" http://mayamariewindow.blogspot.com/2008/08/evacuation.html. Right after reading it, R Mommy called them on their cell phone to see how they are doing. They did not evacuate cuz the roads were too jam-packed out of their area. They have water at least, but still have no electricity, & were told that it could come on anytime. We are so very glad that all of them & their home (& MM's mommy's new kitchen & double oven) & all of their belongings are safe & sound.