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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You are a Husky Luver if You Don't Mind --

Howdy Friends (both 2-legged & 4-legged)!

Marlene, here - (with Cosi & Juni helping out). Well, Cosmos has decided that it is his time to "splode" all over the house. Why couldn't he time it with Juneau?!?! But, no, he had to be different, ha ha! I must say, that Furminator does work well (as shown above). Cosi hates to get brushed, especially near his hind end. He is a 2-people furminating Sibe! Having this great breed of dogs for over 32 years (but I do love all other breeds, too), you can say that my family is a Husky Luver!
Like following Jeff Foxworthy's 'You are a Redneck," I give you:
1. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind hunks of fur continuously all over your nicely swept house!
2. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind them going at breakneck speed doing "zoomies" all over the house (just move out of the way!).
3. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind hunks of fur falling out as they do "zoomies" all over the house!
4. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind them wooing & telling you what to do!
5. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind them swimming in their water bowl & then laying in the overturned water (but mommy it feels so good - wuv ya - Juni!)
6. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind them being finicky eaters (oh-woo mommy, I do eat later than sooner sumtimes - wuv ya, too - Cosi!)
7. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind hunks of fur falling out of coats as 2 or more wrestle with each other! (it is soooo much fun chasing each other!).
8. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind getting dressed for work in dark slacks, leaving the house & finding out that you are taking some of Cosi & Juni with you because you forgot to use the lint/husky fur remover before you stepped out of the door.
9. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind them surfing the counter (we don't leave food out & if we do it goes into the microwave) - I don't tolerate it in our house but I know when they have tried to see what is on the counter.
10. And lastly, you are a Husky luver if you don't mind that in practically every room you have a lint/husky fur remover for those times during fur blowing their coat season.
I just love my boys (even though they wear me out before they are ready to take naps themselves) & wouldn't change them for the world!!
Take care,
(now off to sweep my house, ha ha!)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catchin' Up

Hi-Woo Friends,

Juni here reporting. We hope all yur daddies had a Great Fathers' Day! Our daddy did! We have been having sum really nasty storms around PGH. I like to go out in the side run & stand in the rain. Now Cosi will stick his head out, then his whole body, do his business quickly & run back into the house. He doesn't like rain on him or the loud cracking thunder-boomers wif lightening.

But, Sunday, for Fathers' Day, turned out to be one bewootiful day! Mommy & daddy packed a lunch & went out to the horsies. They went on a nice trail ride in the county park, South Park, where Bud & Charlie live in a place called a boarding stable. I heard daddy say that they stopped during the ride & tied the horsies to trees & had a picnic wif mommy in a shady picnicy grove. Daddy cut branches on the trail while sitting on Bud. He is turning out to be a great Bud-dy on the trail! Mommy said that a big branch fell across Bud's neck & he didn't even get upset. They were out on the trails fur about 3 hrs. Daddy is really enjoying his little guy alot! Mommy has nicknamed him Joel's Bud-ster, hawoo!

The following 2 movies are how the horsies get cooled off on a hot day. My idea of cooling off is upsetting our water bowl & laying on the wet tiles in the kitchen. Now Cosi's idea of keeping cool is going out in the heat as little as possible & laying in the livingroom wif the house air conditioner on & keeping his furry body cool.

This is Bud getting squirted with cool water after a ride on a hot day.

And, this is Charlie getting cooled off.

Don't those 2 bros look a lot alike? If you really look closely, Charlie has a straighter back. He is taller than Bud. Whereas Bud's hair color is a light red; Charlie is a deeper red (Red Chocolate in Rocky Mt. Horsie coloring).

I would like to say "Best of Luck" to my girl's, Maya Marie's, mommy in her doggy biscuit business. Every puppy should have some fur their own! They are really yummy! Mommy says that the Cookie lady, Mrs. Fields, started her cookie business in her own home & look how that business took off!

Oh, by the way, mommy had to furminate Cosi tonight (he hates that thingee) & he sploded all over the hallway. The "joys of living wif a Siberian Husky," oh-woo my, hawoo!

Well, that's it fur now - stay cool & dry!