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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Woo Hoo - R Girl Got Married

R girl, Erin, married her Eric on Saturday, 8/23. It took place at Eric's (everybody & us Sibes call him Carter which is his last name - humes nicknames are funny, go figger!!!) sister's house. Mommy & daddy took these pics before the ceremony started. The photo-lady shuld have the pics up on her website within the next 2 weeks. Don't mommy, daddy & Erin look good!?!? They would look even better if we were there wif them - a little husky hair would dress any outfit up, dontcha think!!!!

Doesn't R-daddy look great in his tux & dress black cowboy boots! All that is missing is his fancy, black dress cowboy hat (Erin wouldn't let him wear it tho!)

Til next time,

-Cosmos & Juneau-

Pee Ess: We woulda posted earlier, like last week, but mommy was talking to MayaMaries's mommy in Louisiana fur a long time & didn't turn the puter on fur us. R-mommy said that MM's mommy will be the next 'Mrs. Fields of yummy doggie cookies.' Mrs. Fields started her choc-chip cookie busines in her home & look how that took off! We can't wait til we get our order of cookies frum MM's mommy! Our mouths are watering as we think of them!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Da Boys of Deconstruction

Hi-Woo EveryPuppy & Other 4-Legged & 2-Legged Friends,

If ya gots a "deconstruction" job around yur house, don't sweat it or do it yurself - call Da Boys of Deconstruction, Cosmos & Juneau, & we will take apart anything or place that you desire. Just ask our dad for a reference on our work - ERRRR MAYBE NOT OUR DAD!!!!!!
Well, Juni overheard a long whiles ago that mommy wanted the wall paper off of the walls in the breakfast room (where we have our crates & get our Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast) & for daddy to paint them instead! So little by little, Juni tried to help by peeling the wall paper off. Both of us decided to take matter into our own paws, & speeded up the process as you can see:

This is what the walls looked like wif the paper on it!

And, This is what the walls looked like after our "deconstruction" job while mommy was upstairs!

SOOOOO BUSTED & NOT UNDERSTOOD (Mommy, we wuz only trying to help!)!!!!!

Mommy-Marlene here - When I saw the wall & the paper on the floor, I couldn't stop laughing. Joel came home shortly after that & he just stared. I told him that Juni & Cosi were only trying to help. Joel started making a list of materials that he will need to repair some of the walls (they went a little too far!) & what he wants to do to the walls instead of putting more paper up. Juni got sprung & Cosi (who is not an innocent in this caper) were not in trouble for long.

Til next time,

-Marlene, Cosmos & Juneau-

Pee Ess - Our mommy & bro-Josh took us for our yearly visit to Met Vet. Both of us weigh in at around 54 pounds. We were talking so loud to the other puppers in their waiting room that one of the techs was very kind to escort us to a room before our time to see the doc - she muttered sumthing about peace & quiet!! No pics were taken of us getting examined. And, that was a good thing cuz sum of it was too em-bear-assing to get a pic of!