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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hi-ya EveryPuppy & Other Friends,

Juni here! The Mullin Clan is still around, but a lot has been happening since the end of October. This is going to be a long one – sos I hope I don’t bore you reading this!

The Horsies
Bud & Charlie are doing very good – in fact, even better. Mommy & Daddy moved them to a new stable in a better location in the Park where they board. Here’s the story: The attitude of the owners at the old barn had really changed & not for the better! 2 years ago when they bought the place, Daddy wanted to move. Mommy, who doesn’t want to start out thinking bad about any humes, talked him into staying fur a while. These were people who didn’t know how to ride, let alone take care of a horsie before they bought the place. Yep, the horsies, Bud & Charlie, were being taken care of, but they are stoopid people who can’t think fur themselves & let others influence them about people & what should be done, or know how to run a bizness. About 2 years ago, a Troll & his Hag wife came to board at the barn. This Hag (I’m trying to be nice here) 2 months ago actually attacked Mommy at the barn & nothing was done about it. Now you have to understand that our Mommy is not good in a physical fight let alone a verbal one. At every barn this Troll & Hag have been at, they knows how to kiss-up to the owners. The stoopid owners would let other humes bring their horsies to live at the barn & have said repeatedly “Doesn’t mean we’ll let them stay!” Well, cuz of the Nasty Troll & Hag’s influence over the stoopid barn owners – 7 humes have been told to leave the barn with a story that they have to downsize. These people can’t even be honest with their stoopid excuses. Mommy & Daddy said “Good Riddance” & found another stable home for Charlie & Bud. Their sis, Jodie, came, too, along wif their trail buddies, Clancy & Magic. They all have settled quite well. In fact they are even quieter than before. They just love to run free around the big indoor arena, just kicking up their heels & running all around. Daddy said that they should’ve left that old barn a long, long time ago. To those people from that old place & especially the old, nasty & ugly Troll & his Hag wife & their friends (who Mommy & Daddy originally introduced them to a long time ago) – KISS MY TAIL!!! (I can’t say what I want to with HBO words or I will get in trouble, but you knows what I mean!)

The House
Daddy will be finishing working on the Breakfast Room, Kitchen & Dining Room by tonight (hopefully) wif my help. Pictures will follow later. We have a deadline of finishing all by Thursday, 12/4.

Daddy is feeling good & enjoying fixing up the house. He is going to have surgery on his left shoulder on Friday, 12/5. That’s why we have been working hard on getting it done. Mommy always worries about Daddy, so we are there to keep up her spirits around Daddy’s surgery date. Send her a pee mail to help keep her mind off of 12/5 – that will help. Daddy is looking forward to the surgery cuz then he’ll be able to move his shoulder & arm better wifout pain.

da Cos
He has been in trouble chewing on sum of Mommy’s books frum her bookcase. Bout time he gets yelled at & not always me! I don’t do that! (Yeah, well what about the rag Mommy just pulled out of yur throat on Turkey Day, you lil Demon, huh!?!?!?)

Grandma (Mommy’s Mommy) fell in her home almost 3 weeks ago & cracked bones in her lower back near her tail bone. She is in a nursing rehab place close to our home. They are working to get her back up & walking again sos she can go home. She’s 83 years young sos it will take time.

Good news is that Mommy has been at her new job 6 months – time does go fast! She had sumthing they called A-Review. Her lady bosses told Mommy that she has been doing a great job & they are holding on to her & wouldn’t let her leave. That made Mommy feel real good!

Well, that’s the month in review. Mommy has been checking up on our pee mail & have been answering a few. But every time she went to turn on the puter for us to update our bloggie & talk to all of you, little things have foiled these plans. Hope all of you had a Great (gobble-woo gobble-woo) Turkey Day – we had a Moo-woo Moo-woo Day since we aren’t much of turkey eating luvers in our house.

That’s it fur now - take care all (especially my bewootiful, MayaMarie!),

-Juni, The Demon Youngin-

PEE ESS: Mommy & Daddy gots to ride Charlie & Bud on the trails yesterday. They were calm & realized that the trails that they were on were the ones that they always traveled in the Park & did great. They are going barefoot hoofies fur the winter sos they won’t slip & slide as much when they have their horsie shoes on. Today, cuz of stoopid rain, Mommy & Daddy could only ride in the indoor arena. Mommy is happy when she just gets to sit on her Charlie. He takes good care of her when she is out of Cosi’s & my sight.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Have a Happy Turkey Day!

To All of Our Blogging Friends,

Have a Happy Turkey Day!

We are still around & will talk wif you real soon!!

Yur friends,

Mommy-Marlene, Daddy-Joel, da Cos, & Juneau (the Demon Youngin')