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Monday, December 24, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007


Our daddy was so happy that the Stillers won 41 - 24 & beat the pants off of those Rams. He posed wif us after the game wif the original 'Terrible Towel.' I bets Joey & Tanner were happy that they won again.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shanna Maidel (1997-2006)

I can't believe that it was one year ago today that we had to say good-bye to her! Time certainly does fly - TOO FAST! Here is our Shanna's story --
It was in June during the week that Joel laid his dad to rest that he suggested why not get Cinny a companion. Through word-of-mouth we were given the name of a breeder, Amaroq Siberians, that had a litter of Siberian puppies soon to be weaned. We were invited to come out & see the litter. Oh, they were so cute - a bunch of little squealing & mewling black & white, adorable puppies. I got down on the floor among them & I was in ‘Sibe puppy-heaven!’ One came over to greet me & I thought that I had found the one that would eventually come home with us. While I was playing with this little fur-ball another smaller puppy came over to me, climbed up on my legs, & walked onto my lap & plopped down, closed her eyes, & went to sleep. Well, this little one had picked me! The breeder called her ‘2 stripes’ on account of she had 2 stripes running down to her nose (notice something similar in Juneau’s pictures?). We named her Shanna Maidel, which means ‘pretty little girl.’ We were told that we could come back in 3 weeks to take her home. The breeder took us down to her kennel to meet the mom & dad of the litter. They were beautiful & very friendly. She also had a red & white female named Origa who looked much like our Cinny. When I called her name she talked & wooed a whole story for me. In Origa’s run was a dog house. She didn’t like to sleep in, but rather sit & sleep onto it. I was very impressed as to how clean & maintained the kennels were kept. When we went back to get Shanna, the whole family went - Joel, me, Josh, Erin, & my mom & dad.

At the first visit with our vet, Dr. Sweeney looked at Joel & told him to be prepared. He looked at me & told me that he thought that we should give her back to the breeder. She had a heart murmur & sounded like an open valve in her heart. Since we had dealt with health problems with our other Sibes in the past, he didn’t want us to start out with her knowing she had a problem. Well, I started to cry (he knew me & that’s why he told Joel to be prepared, smart ass!) He said that he would give her 1 month. Sometimes this happens with puppies, like humans, & as they grow the valve can close. At the next visit if the problem was still there, we should return her. I agreed & when we went home I called the breeder. She told us that she would hold back Shanna’s sister from being sold until she heard from us. Well, at the next vet visit there wasn’t any heart murmur & the valve had closed.

Cinny loved her little adopted puppy. They were inseparable. Shanna’s birthday was May 10 (the same as mine), and Cinny’s birthday was May 18 (our wedding anniversary). Cinny loved to nap in her favorite spot in front of the bookcase, Shanna slept on the first shelf right above her until she couldn’t fit anymore. When Cinny tore her ACL in her leg & didn’t heal, Shanna learned to play by herself since Cinny wasn’t able to anymore. After Cinny crossed the Rainbow Bridge we thought about getting another companion for Shanna, but she didn’t go through the mourning stage as did our other dogs in the past. Shanna was my companion. She loved everyone in the family, but she was constantly by my side. She was a very healthy Sibe, didn’t eat socks or scrunchies (like a lil demon we all know!), loved to play in water, loved to play with her toys, but didn’t do much ‘talking or wooing.’ She would sit, lay down, give you one paw, then give you her other paw. She loved to eat apples with Joel, taking pieces very daintily from his fingers. Shanna was an obediance school drop-out. I had a trainer come to the house for 8 weeks to work with me & her. The woman agreed that she was 'one stubborn girl!"
When she was 8 yrs. old on a Saturday around 6:30am, Josh came running up to our bedroom to tell us that Shanna couldn’t get up off the floor & was screaming. We ran down to his room in the basement & found Shanna in a lot of pain. We called our vet & found out that he didn’t have Saturday hours any more. So, Joel wrapped her in a blanket & we took her to our horse vet’s small animal clinic. All of the vets there were at a conference. They gave us the name of the vet who we are using now & who is also an emergency clinic. They told us to bring her at once. Nothing showed up on the x-rays. They said that she probably just bruised her leg & gave her doggy motrin & pain medicine. The vet showed us Shanna’s x-rays. She said that there were no signs of hip dysplasia & that her skeleton was strong. She bounced back from whatever had happened to her.

It was just 9 months later in the evening in March 2006 that she slipped on the ice on the side run & couldn’t stand. Joel & I rushed her to the vet. Shanna had torn her ACL & their orthopedic specialist would be able to do her surgery the next day. I was a basket case over this remembering what we went through with Cinny. They didn’t understand why I was so scared about her having the surgery since they didn’t know us at the time Cinny went through this. Joel talked to her while I was in the bathroom. The vet took me aside & said to remember that Shanna is much younger than Cinny was & that she had strong legs & back. I agreed for the surgery. Met Vet Animal Hospital was great - they did everything they could for her, but it was a nightmare. She rejected the stitches & they had to go back in 2 more times in 2 weeks. They wouldn’t let her leave the hospital until they thought she was ready. Joel took me out to visit her during her stay there. We got through the healing time period, but her beautiful fur did not grow back over the surgery site. Her thyroid stopped working right which showed up on the blood work. Once she started the meds, her fur grew back fully. Erin & I noticed that she wasn’t walking very well. She wasn’t in a lot of pain though. During her hard rehab, she had developed hip dysplasia on the side where she had the surgery. I had a gut feeling that we wouldn’t have her through another winter.

One year ago today, I had left her in from the side run. I went upstairs to ride my exercise bike. All of a sudden I heard howling & shrieking. Shanna had been coming upstairs to be with me, had tripped on the landing, & I knew she tore her ACL in her ‘good’ back leg. I sat on the landing & held her & cried. I helped her downstairs & called Joel. He had been taking my mom food shopping. He came home & we took her to Met Vet. This was it, I knew it, Shanna wouldn’t be coming home with us! The vet took x-rays & came out to tell us what I already knew. She had torn her ACL, she would make it through the surgery, however, she would not be able to deal with the recovery because her other leg would not be able to support her through it. Well, this time was the hardest of all others in saying good-bye! She was only 9-1/2 yrs. old!! But, she was in so much pain I couldn’t put her through the surgery just to buy her some time with me. I laid on a blanket on the floor in the examining room for 2-1/2 hrs. holding her until my daughter was finished with work & my son could also be there. Shanna was a member of our family & all family members including Carter wanted to be there. I held her in my arms until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Shanna Maidel was a wonderful, loving companion. I would sit on the floor & she would come & cuddle up in my arms while I watched TV. I still miss her. AND, thankfully, I have Cosi & Juni to keep me company when Joel is not at home. The house would be too, too quiet. I have never been alone in the house without a furry companion by my side.
Oh, the tears are falling as I write this! But in getting it out, I do feel so much better. Sorry this is so wordy. I’m not a great writer - just write down what comes from my heart!

Cosmos was the fellow that I needed to help me get through losing her & I am so thankful that he came into our lives! We decided to get him a buddy & now he has Juni to wrestle with - AND THE SAGA OF THE MULLIN CLAN CONTINUES!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Juneau's 1st Snow Play

Juneau & I had a great time in Pittsburgh's first snowfall Thursday & Friday. I had a great time wrestling him down in the snow. But yesterday, all of the snow melted away. And today, all we have is stupid cold wet rain. WE WANT OUR SNOW BACK!!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cinnamon (1987 - 2000)

Our Cinny (11 wks) with her Clover (11.5 yrs) & Erin

She was our beautiful light red & white girl. Her birthdate was the same day as our wedding anniversary. She loved her adopted mom, Clover. Where one went, the other followed. When Cinnamon was around 3 years old, we noticed that she looked a little bow-legged in her back legs. Our vet said that she had the first signs of hip displasia. We didn’t care, what ever was to come we would deal with it to keep her healthy. Cinnamon was a talker. She would sit down in front of you, put her head in the air & woo to you stories. She would sing ‘the bye-bye’ song. Little bye-byes would be the side fenced-in run; big bye-byes would be the back yard. If I said little bye-byes she would woo softly or get louder to go out in the back yard. She would woo to us the bye-bye song when we asked her if she had to go out. When our daughter Erin was home & happened to be watching TV in our breakfast room when Cinny wanted to go out she would go over to Erin & woo loudly. If Erin would happen to ignore her, Cinny would take her nose & give Erin's chair a shove. Since the chair was on wheels, Erin would be given a ride by Cinny until she got off of her tush & let her out. It was hysterical to watch! She was an everybody's dog, but when I was around she never left my side. She loved sharing an apple with Joel.
When Cinny was around 10 yrs. old, our vet then discovered that she had a mass growing on her side & told us that it had to come out because it was starting to grow around some of her organs. The waiting was the hardest! She recovered & the growth, thankfully, was not the "C" word.
However, her beautiful red & white fur did not grow back on the side of the surgery. That was so painful to see! We did lots of tests & every one of them came back normal. But her beautiful red & white fur did not grow back.
The winter before Cinny became 12, she was out in the side run. Joel & I heard a loud scream from her. We hurried out & found her on the ground. She apparently had slipped on the ice & could not get up. I thought we were saying good-bye to her that night. We got her inside & the next morning I called our vet. He saw her that day. She had torn the ACL in her back leg. He told us that surgery could fix it. Since he did not do that type of surgery he recommended us to an orthopedic vet in the area who only took patients strictly by referrals from other vets. We took Cinny to this so-called great doctor! Do I sound cynical!! Well, he gave us great hope that even at her age, she would bounce back & be stronger than ever. I remember the evening that we picked her up from the animal hospital. She was in so much pain. We made a bed for her in her spot in the bookcase where she loved to sleep. She screamed all night in pain. When I couldn't take it anymore, I went downstairs & slept on the floor with her. Since her one back leg was so heavily bandaged, we had to help her walk outside or up or down stairs with a towel under her belly. When we thought we were through the recovery period, Cinny's other back leg started to give out on her. We took her back to the surgeon to find out what we could do for her. Now at the initial visit with the surgeon-vet, he knew that both of Cinny's back legs were not the strongest. AND, he left out something BIG about what could occur after the surgery. When we took Cinny back to see him, he looked at us & told us that I told you that the other leg could go while the other one was healing. Joel & I looked at each other & couldn't believe that he said that - cause that was what he had forgot to inform us before the surgery. I had to grab Joel's arm because he almost knocked that doctor on his a-s! I wouldn't have put our girl through any surgery if I had known this would/could have happened! She was in so much pain. We took her home with pain meds & kept her with us until the day she looked in my eyes with so much pain that I knew that it was time to let her go. With Clover, I didn't get to be there to say good-bye. With Cinny the whole family was with her, and I held her in my arms until she crossed over. She was a part of our family & she had family members around her when it was her time to cross the Rainbow Bridge & be with her Clovie!
The Queen of the Picnic Table!
This was Cinny's favorite spot to sunbathe. She wouldn't let any of her other 4-legged companions get up on her table.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Day After Turkey Day, Awards & This-n-That!

Hi EveryPuppy,

I hope all of you (or yinz by PGH talk) had a Happy Thanksgiving! Since our grandma is in her 80's & very petite, Juneau & I had to spend the evening in our crates. When we were allowed "out-of-jail" for a little bit, Juneau & I started to rough house & I ended up on grandma's lap in the recliner & I mean totally up on her lap with all 4 of my legs. I didn't mean to scare her, honestly! I guess I just don't realize how strong & heavy I can be to someone who is so little. Luckily I didn't hurt her. Well, back in the crates we went. Yes, 'the demon' really let me have it on this one - & that is a first since he is always getting into trouble. Erin & Carter brought grandma over around 6:00, so Juneau & I had the run of the house up until then. Grandma loves me, sos the next time she comes over I have to be more gentle wif her. (Yeah Cosi, I'll remember to smack you upside of the head to remind you. -J-)

Sorry we haven't been visiting your blogs lately. To bring you up-to-date, Mommy had 2 interviews in the past week. She gets sooo nervous when she has to interview. She heard from one of her past colleagues that she was called to give a business reference about her. So keep yur pawsies crossed fur mommy that she will hear soon about a new job. Also, Charlie Horse has been a little ouchy so she has been exercising him at a walk around the indoor arena at the barn where they board to help stretch his legs. He's also been on horsie motrin to help him. Her 2nd surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 4th so she is kinda getting nervous about that. too. On Monday she'll call her surgeon's office to make sure that the surgery date is still on. It all depends if the TMJ joint that is being built for her will be in & approved by her surgeon's team.

We want thank the Kapp Pack & Juneau's girl, MayaMarie, for presenting us wif the Be-The-Blog Award.

"This award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun."

And OMD, we would like to thank Echo for presenting us wif the Community Blogger Award.

"The Community Blog Award celebrates people who reach out and make the blogger community a better one. It also underlines the importance of a blog's readership community, one of the most rewarding parts about blogging. It's the people that come back to comment, adding to the conversation, making you feel like someone is listening and interested."

The Mullin Clan would like to present both awards to all of our blogging buddies!!! We have all so enjoyed blogging & talking wif all of you. Imagine 6 months ago mommy really didn't know what a blog was! My foster-mommy before I found my furever home, at Guinness & Shiloh's house at the The Stoutino Inn & Foster Kennel, got mommy addicted to blogging. It has certainly helped make her feel better from hearing from all of you when she has been down-in-the-dumps! We wuv sharing our antics of our household & the horsies with all of you & enjoy hearing about what all of you are up to.

Here's some moping pictures (cuz I knew that I wasn't my best boy self this evening) of me taken last night when we were ready fur bed. I like keeping mommy company in her bathroom when she is getting ready fur bed.

OK, enough mom (I wuv you, but I'll have tinkerbell flashings in my eyes & I want to go to sleep!) so please put the camera away & get into bed!!

Til next time,


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Girl, MayaMarie

Hiya EveryPuppy,

I have such great, terrific news - MayaMarie has given me her answer - and, I just want to shout it. MAYAMARIE HAS SAID YES THAT SHE WILL BE MY GIRLFRIEND!!! She has made me the happiest pup alive, fer sure fer sure.
My heart is just going pitty-pat just thinking about her!

She is my own very special, pretty lady. I hope you all will be happy for us. Woo Hoo, I just want to jump up & shout - I WUV YOU MAYAMARIE, YOU GOTS MY HEART!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Masked Wonder

Cosi & I were "surfing" the web on different animal sites. He said that I looked like a raccoon.

Yep, we both are both black & white wif a little bit of brown. And, we both do have a mask & a full bushy tail.

I am also athletic, debonair, & a protector of all, hawoo-hawoo, just like Zorro. (I put this pic in cuz mommy likes Antonio Banderas.)

But, I am a whole lots cuter!! And I have a special kind of talk - just like Cosi - I can talk Huskinese & Wooooo all of the ladies.


(Oh paw-leese, not before I have eaten, gag!!!! -Cosmos-)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I Gots Mail!

Lookee, I got mail! Hmmm, I wonder what it could be?

I got a new big, pup collar. Mine just got so tight. Daddy said I had a growth spurt like almost over night while waiting for my new collar to come. He had to cut my first-pup collar off of me & got a little of my neck fur trimmed off by accident (mommy yelled at him for that!).

Mommy & daddy have Cosi & me wear lupine combo collars so we can't slip out of them when we are walked on a leash. My pattern is called Muddy Paws. Look how nice it looks on me.

Cosi's collar has pictures of stars, sun & moon. [Cosmos means everything that exists anywhere in the universe & celestial bodies. Mommy helped me look up the meaning.] So his collar really does suit him.


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Visiting Norris in His New Home

Joel took me to Maryland to visit with Norris today. I know that his new family is taking good care of him, but I just needed to see how he was doing with my own eyes to give me peace of mind. It was a lovely drive from Pittsburgh. The horizon was beautiful with all of the colorful leaves on trees. The sky was a clear blue with swirly white clouds. This would have been a beautiful day for riding Charlie & Cutter on the trails, but seeing Norris at this time was more important to me. I'll have my riding time tomorrow. As we got closer to Maryland, we couldn't get over how green the leaves on the trees were. Also, fields with grass were still very green. His new home is just an hour away from Gettysburg. Oh, it was soooo good to see my Norris (even though he has moved on he'll always be My Norris)! When I called to him, he came out of his little barn to see me. Yes, the tears did fall when he came over to me, but they were happy reunion tears. I got lots of nuzzles & kisses. He is looking really good. His winter coat is coming in. He has a little hay/grass belly. His coat coloring is vibrant. This was the best decision that I could have done for him. He is getting fresh air, a field to run around in, a pasture friend, & a young girl to take care of him. We had a lovely visit with Sarah's grandparents. Her grandmother made a delicious apple pie which I was able to try. They told me that I can come & visit with Norris anytime. When Joel & I were ready to leave it was after sunset. I went to the paddock gate to say my good-byes. I called out to Norris, & Willow came over to see me. I turned away & started to walk toward the car & I heard a sound behind me. Norris had come up & put his head over the gate. I had tears falling while saying good-bye to my old friend. Be safe & well & I'll see you in the Spring!

Willow wanted to be in the blog, too.

Willow has Wobbler Syndrome. She cannot be ridden. They do not know how long a life span she will have. A 26+ yr. old Appaloosa retired trail horse gelding & a 3-yr. old mare can live out what time they have as companions for each other.

In the following 2 videos, you can see how the bonding between "new" owner & horse is starting.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Demons Made Us Do It!

Mommy said that I am going to make her hair grayer quicker between trips to the ladies place where shes get her hair colored! This morning she heard me making "ralph" noises in my crate in the bedroom. I arfed up sumthing.

[No picture due to grossness!]

Daddy took a look & it was part of a sock. No how did it get in me, hmm?!? I don't remember eating a sock after I got fixed & between the meds that upset my tummy & the 'happy pills.' I knows, a DEMON made me do it!!

My tummy is feeling so much better. The squirts are getting under control & also no more piece of sock stuck in me. I like this rice & ground meat diet. But, I am not allowed to get Honey Nut Cheerios or Canidae snap cookies wif Cosi until my tummy is back to norml - & that's a bummer! Now it is Cosi's turn. He got caught 'red pawed' wif sumthing, ha-yip!

But mommy, I can splain. It wasn't me wif yur washcloth. I was taken over by a DEMON! It can happen. Check out Joey & Tanner's Blog. They were possessed by a demon thingy. It jumped out of them & over to me & Juneau in Pittsburgh. When you yelled, you scared it out of me. I would never take yur washcloth off of the towel rack! (Ahh Cosi, yes you would, I seen you do it other times & rub against mommy's & daddy's towels! Psst, Juneau, you tattle-tail you are not helping me!)


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bye-Bye Blankie!

You took care of me well, blankie. From the day mommy & daddy brught me home from Met Vet on Friday after I gots my ‘fixed’ surgery, you were there to comfy & cushion me on the floor & in my crate at night. But, today I started to feel a whole lot better, & I just couldn’t help it! You know they call me ‘the demon puppy’ & it is so near to that halloweeny time. Well, mommy was taking her shower to get ready for work. I got bored in my crate & you were just there. I chewed the stuffin’ right out of you. I KILT YOU - I AM SO SORRY! I hopes sumone doesn’t turn me in to the ‘pawleece’ for doing it. I try so hard to be good!


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Look At Me!!!!

Hi-Yip EveryPuppy,

I gots tricked! I knows that mommy & daddy wuvs me, but bewares when they say that you will be sleeping away from home fur a night from yur nice, warm home, snax, & even yur bruthers & sisters. They tooks me to the vet. I got weighed - I'm at 35.4 lbs. now - then the nice tech hugged me & aways I went frum mommy & daddy. I gots no snax, no treats, & mommy & daddy didn't take me home to be with Cosi. The next day they gave me some "happy medicine" when I woke up, sumthing was missing on me & I hurt. I wasn't broken - how comes they had to "fix" me?!?! I got violated! AND, to top this whole mess off, I am wearing a lampshade like the one MayaMarie has. [Just look at me in these pics. Don't I look 'pthetic!] Oh fur dogness sake, I didn't want to be tagged like this!! Cosi said that it is the "rites of puppy passage." If we are not going to have/father puppies, it happens to everypuppy! My paw, it still would've been nice to ask me befores they done it. And, I'm not allowed to run around, jump up on the counters, or play wif Cosi till I get the stitches out. They keep giving me "happy" pills to make me woosy & want to sleep, SO NOT FAIR! But, at least I'm getting lots of hugs and Cosi has been hanging around & laying next to me. Thanx to all of my friends who were asking how I was doing!

I actually missed the lil terror! I got concerned for him so much so that my tummy wasn’t feeling so good. I was woofully glad to see him when mommy & daddy brought him home!


Friday, October 26, 2007

Juneau Update!

Mommy called our vet at 12:00. He's was pretty quiet there over night. He hasn't had his procedure yet, but his pre-surgery blood work came back all good & normal. They said that he has been resting & quiet (unbelievable!!) & they did give him a little pre-surgery relaxing meds, too. They'll probably be taking him in mid-afternoon. Mommy will be posting updates. They said to call around 5:00 & he should be coming home tonight.

Last night, Josh stayed home wif me while mommy & daddy took Juneau to our vets. I gots upset cuz I got a little worried - will he be coming home fur sure?!?! We had a young 1 yr. old Sibe, Gabi, before Juneau that mommy & daddy had fur about 6 months & had to give back to the breeder cuz she had major issues. I'm so used to living wif a companion & then she was gone & my stomach started to act up cuz I was upset that I was alone. Mommy & daddy got me Juneau that I would grow up wif & not be alone. Mommy did keep assuring me that Juneau will be OK & he will probably be coming home tonight. I slept by her side of the bed all night. Every once in a while when she woke up, she gave me a pet. I ate honey nut cheerios alone this morning fur breakfast. Boy, I can't believe myself, I usually crave for some quiet time, BUT WIFOUT THE LITTLE GUY AROUND IT IS JUST TOO QUIET!!! YIKES, THE LIL DEMON PUPPY HAS GROWN ON ME!!!

Further updates will be posted as we hear.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birfday Daddy!

Happy Birfday to you
Happy Birfday to you
Happy Birfday to our daddy
Happy Birfday to you!

I wanted an extra special pressie for my daddy. After a hard day’s work & then taking grandma food shopping, he came home very, very tired. He sat in his recliner, took his socks & shoesies off, & was watching a recorded show wif mommy.

Hmmm, what can I do! I gots it, I can give his footsies & toes licks & rubs to relax him!

Here Cosi came over to see what I was doing & he worked on daddy's other footsie.

But, then he tried to muscle in & boss me likes it was his own idea.

Anyways, daddy said thank you for his footsies & toes bath. See, I can think up good puppy ideas!!


Monday, October 22, 2007

New Conversion Movie Software

Mommy has a Nikon Coolpix P4 digital camera. It also lets her record movies. However, the movies are recorded in Quicktime .mov mode. Sumtimes the files are too big to upload onto YouTube or Blogger. She has been looking for software to help convert the .mov files into .avi or .wmv which are smaller. One of the computer techs where she works, investigated into software which would help her do this. He found for her ImToo MOV Converter v.3.1. The movie below is of me & Juneau playing football which we had on our blog back in July. Mommy had found software on the web which converted the file, but it also had advertisements running through wif our movie. Below is the same movie of us playing football that she converted using the new software that she got in the mail today. It works & look how clear it is! The website for this software is http://www.imtoo.com/mov-converter.html. It was $29.00.

Here is the movie of daddy riding Charlie Horse when Mommy wasn't allowed to. She couldn't post this before cuz it was too large & couldn't be downloaded.

The software comes with a Imtoo MOV Converter Wizard that walks you through step by step. It converted these 2 movies in minutes.

I hope you enjoy viewing them, even though the 1st one is a duplicate of one you viewed before of us. Look how little Juneau is in it - Time sure flies!

Lots of Woos,


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Matzo Balls!

Matzo Balls, Matzo Balls - We wuv them Matzo Balls & Chickie Soup!

When mommy had her first surgery, she started thinking ahead about what whe would be allowed to eat - you know, things that could be smooshed down so she wouldn't hafta chew! Well, she doesn't like to make chicken soup, but she does like matzo balls. So she made a batch of matzo balls & used can chickie broth to keep them in.

Daddy took mommy to see her surgeon today. He was really pleased that her ouchy boo-boo on the side of her face was healing so well. She has been using her mouth exerciser just like she was s'pose to. She can open her mouth, in spite of not having a left TMJ joint in, a little better than when the last replacement joint was ever in. Her doctor said that she can start to eat everything that she wants as she can tolerate. She has to stay away from anything really crunchy & hard, such as raw carrots & nuts. He also told her that she could ride Charlie Horse. Daddy didn't tell him that he had already helped her up on Charlie & she rode him just around on the stable's property. But now she has the OK from him to go riding on the trails. She is looking forward to that this weekend, weather permitting. It is s'pose to rain on Saturday, so she'll just exercise Charlie on the property. On Sunday, before the Stiller game (mommy will program the DVR to record the kick-off for daddy in case they get home a little late) daddy said that he'll take mommy on the trails cuz the weather is spose to be clear wif no rain (time will tell!).

Mommy shared some of her matzo balls wif us for our dinner.

This was the first time that we ever had matzo balls wif chickie soup. It was so yummy. Juneau & I made all gone.

After mommy & daddy went to play wif the horsies, daddy surprised mommy by taking her to the Longhorn Restaurant (we weren't invited, the nerve!). He ordered an appetizer & shared a rack of ribs wif her. The manager of the restaurant asked them if their order was OK. Daddy told them that they were celebrating & that this was the first smush-free meal that mommy has eaten since her surgery. He also asked the manager to tell the cooks a thank you for him cuz the ribs were so tender, mommy was able to eat them wif no problem. The manager told them to save room for dessert cuz they were on him. That was very nice of him! Mommy was so excited that she could eat the ribs. She said that it 'hit the right spot' in her tummy!

Mommy's next surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4. The surgeon said to make it after Thanksgiving so this way she can have turkey with all the yummy sides (even though she will have to cook again this year, but daddy helps). Also, by then her new TMJ joint should be built & back in PGH ready for him to put in.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What a Beautiful Weekend!

Daddy took mommy to see the horses at the barn today. Daddy told mommy that he would exercise Charlie Horse while she took some movies to show how smooth Charlie is to ride & how pretty he is in his gait. When they came home from the barn, mommy was all smiles. Daddy surprised her. He exercised Charlie & then told her to get her helmet. Even though her doctor hasn’t given the total OK to ride out on the trails, daddy said that he trusted Charlie to take good care of mommy while just walking around in the round pen. Daddy took the above movie of mommy & her Charlie while standing in the center of the round pen with her. Look at the big smile on her face! That was great therapy for her to be back on her horsie again.

Juneau & I have never been to the barn to visit the horsies. Dogs aren’t allowed on the property unless they are the barn dogs. That’s OK cuz we wouldn’t want to scare Charlie. He is afraid of doggies cuz some people walking their dogs through the County Park near where they board don’t always keep them on leashes. Charlie & mommy have had dogs come at them barking & with their teeth bared. They are working with Charlie to not be afraid of all doggies that he sees on the trail who are quiet & are kept on a leash.

Here is a picture of me sleeping by mommy’s chair. That’s my new resting spot since the day mommy has come home from the hospital. I want to be near her if she needs me. Every once in a while she reaches down & gives me a rub. I like that! Juneau has been sleeping under mommy’s recliner. Dad tried to get a pic of him there, but he was jumping around the room too much acting like a doofus.

P.S. On Saturday I overheard daddy talking to Met Vet about getting Juneau 'snippy da pepe.' Ohhh-Wooy, look what is in store for the "demon puppy!" They are going to have to give him lots of 'happy pills' to keep him calm. I'll have 2 weeks of blissfully, almost quiet.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Yep, woo, Woo, WOO - I admit it!! I was trying to be the bestest puppy since mommy came home from the hospital (you know the place where mommy got the boo-boo ouchy on the side of her face.) I came over & got up wif my front paws & gave her licks & snuggles when she layed on the recliner in the living room. I even laid underneath the recliner chair to be wif her so she wouldn't be lonely.

But yesterday was her last day at home & I just couldn't help myself, I truly tried to & I couldn't blame Cosi, it was all me! I wouldn't let Cosi alone, I chewed a strip of wallpaper off of the breakfast room wall while mommy was having lunch, I peed after coming in from the side yard on the carpet, I kept running around being a wholly terror to Cosi, I pooped upstairs in the hallway after coming in another time from the side yard, I took the toilet paper off of the roll in mommy & daddy's bathroom, & I grabbed the dish towel way off on the side of the refrigerator & had mommy & Cosi chasing me. Yep, yep, yep, I did all of those things!!

Mommy was watching a show on disc called "Forever Knight." One of the shows had this guy go undercover (he has pointy teeth & they call him a vampire), Nick, to find a killer. These people are all addicted to sumthing & have to admit that they realize what they are doing. So after I watched this show wif mommy & Cosi last night, I thought about all of the things that I did earlier in the day.

AND, I want to admit that I try to be the bestest lil Siberian Husky, but sumthing makes me be naughty. I, Juneau, AM A PUPPY & SUMTIMES I CANNOT HELP DO THESE DUMB PUPPY THINGS. I WILL TRY TO BE THE BESTEST PUPPY, BUT SUMTIMES THINGS WILL HAPPEN & I'LL BACKSLIDE!! There, I said it & do feel a whole lot better. Mommy told daddy about my day wif her & Cosi. I heard her say that I am trying & do make it outsides almost all of the time. She told daddy that she still loves me anyway.

I heard her say that going back to work again was hard for her. She fluffed her hair up over her left side & all that showed was her black, purple & blue marks. She looked OK to Cosi & me. When she came home from work she was tired, ate a little, & took a nap. We were very quiet around her. She has another interview next Tues. We're keeping our pawsies crossed that she will hear sumthing from another job real soon. As far as eating goes, this week dad made meatballs for her & meatloaf. She was able to chew in little bits those foods. She even had broiled fish one night. We are all helping to keep up her spirits. She eats a lot of mushed up soups, jello, applesauce, puddings, & hot fudge sundaes (though I heard her say she is getting tired of that one).

WOO-HOO, I'm glad Juneau admitted that he is a "lil terror." I'm so tired from chasing him or him chasing me. Keeps my male Sibe body in shape at least, woo-hee-hee!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mommy’s Home from the Hospital!

Mommy came home yesterday! Oh-Woo, we were so happy to see her. She sat in a chair just in case we got a little more carried away than we shoulda’ve because we were so glad to see her. But we were good & gave her lots of wet smoochies! Her surgery went well, a little longer than the surgeon had thought it would. Her TMJ replacement joint had a lot of loose screws & took a while to get out. But, all went well & now our mommy is on the road to recovery. She has to eat smushy food & is not allowed to chew. I see dad bought her pudding, ice cream, hot fudge, whip cream, jello (you know the good stuff that she likes!). Plus, he is going to make her meatballs & meatloaf which she can mush down. Today she had chicken soup & a big matzah ball. The left side of her face is very swollen & is a lot of pretty colors. Our Erin helped mommy in the shower today & washed her hair. She said that she feels so much better. They did a kitty-scan of her face yesterday & a model will be made up of her left side of her jaw. When the model gets approved it will be sent to a company in California who make her joint. It may be ready before Thanksgiving or right afterwards. Whenever it is ready, then she will go back in to the hospital & have it put in. Her spirits are up & we are helping her to make her laugh. I’ve got some red blood marks on my face. That Juneau has used me as his living teething toy, the nerve!!

I’ll do an update real soon. I’m sure when mommy feels better, out will come the camera to catch new pics of Juneau & me.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Leaves, Marlene's Thoughts, Cosi's Telling, & Juneau's 'Splaining

I promised Echo that I would take some pictures of the leaves turning while on a ride with our horses in PGH in the County Park where we ride. These were taken yesterday. Some of the trees have already lost their leaves. The horses make a shuffling sound with their hooves walking on them on the trails. Joel & Cutter led Charlie & me for some great 2 hr. rides this weekend. In spite of the dog that wasn't on a leash & came flying at Charlie & me, we still had a great ride. Cutter came barreling after the dog to get it away from us. He is not a cow horse, but he sure loves to herd dogs who are not on a leash to protect Charlie. He also loves to chase turkeys.

Joel talked to the little girl, Sarah, who is Norris's new owner. She said to tell me that she is taking great care of him. She brushes him everyday. She said to tell me that she gives him lot of hugs & is with him alot so he won't be lonely missing his mommy! She has also ridden him & likes his fast walk. Norris met a goat for the first time & got a little startled, but he calmed down. I'm so glad that this has worked out so great for him. He has a place to run free, a girlfriend to be with (he's a gelding), & a little girl who is his new best friend. Couldn't ask for anything better for my boy!

The 1st of my TMJ surgeries is in two days. Yep, I'm scared! I'll be a whole lot better & calmer when I wake up in recovery afterwards. I'll take one of my juicy, "take me away" romance (Joel calls them smut books!) books to read once I am in a room & no longer groggy after the surgery. They are going to keep me in the hospital overnight.
Hi Cosmos here - Mommy had to step away from the puter & I just hafta tell all that "Juneau is in trouble again!" I didn't make him do it. This was all on him . . . . .

Now move yur butt over, Cosi, & let me 'splain my side of the story. I was only trying to help! I heard mommy tell daddy that she would like the wallpaper taken down in the breakfast room & just to paint the walls a cheery color. Well, after reading our friends blogs where they helped their families remodel their houses, I got an idea. I'd help daddy take the wall paper off! But, I guess he wasn't ready yet for my help. I shulda got rid of the evidence that was laying on the floor. Then, they probably wouldn't have noticed, or not!