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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Juneau Sploded!?!?

Oh My Dogness, MOOOOM come see, hurry, I thinks Juni sploded!

No, I didn't, I'm right here, hawoo hawoo! But my coat is still blowing fluff all over the place.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm in Wuv Wif a Bewootiful Gal --

Hi-Woo EveryPuppy,

Oh my heart is just beating wif joy! I found my one true luv -- & she is Summer frum Team Husky. Our lonely hearts just found each other. I asked Summer if she would consider me fur her boyfriend -- & she said YES! I knew that her bro, Prince, is very important to her. Sos I pawed off a pee-mail to Prince asking him if he minded me being Summer's boyfriend. And, he welcomed me to the family! A-Roo, was I in a dither until I heard back frum him. My paws were all sweaty!

My dear sweet, Summer, oh woo, I do wish that we could meet & be together!
I can dream about us being together, tho, & maybe sumday we can meet.

Til next time,

Pee Ess - Just fur the record, I am not a 2-timing guy! You can say that Codie & I are only at the friends stage. She has a lot going on at home wif her new bruther & her mom being busy. She hasn't answered any of my notes or talked to me fur a long, long time. Sos, Codie you are a great gal & I wish you all the best! I hopes that we can still be friends.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Case of the All-Over Fluff

Hi Woo EveryPuppy,

Sherlock Cosmos here!

It has come to my attention that no sooner does mommy or daddy sweep the rugs in our house, the fluff falls faster than ever. Hmmmm & it is not from me as of yet, nor is it from mommy (wrong color - it’s not red!) or daddy (he needs all the hair that he has!), then it can be none other than from the demon-goliath-puppy, Juneau!!

We gots a new vacuum cleaner called the Hoover Legacy Pet Vac Rewind w/Pet Hair Tool. It does a great job, except hunks of Juni’s fur falls out faster than they can sweep. It has a special attachment to pick up our doggy fur. Sos Juni & I can visit & cuddle wif mommy & daddy on the bed & then they use the attachment to suck up all of the loose fur when we gets down.

This is what mommy got out of Juni after he was "furminated" & he is still dropping hunks all over the place.

Oh, the joys of having Siberian Huskies during shedding season!

Till next time,


P.S. Our family knows that Spring is a-coming. Not only are we starting to shed, but Cutter, daddy’s horsie, is shedding as well.