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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


OMD - Smells like my girl, Maya Marie, & lots of luv!!
And, mouth watering yumminess!!

It is, it is - Happy Hearts Doggie Cookies baked wif love
by my Maya Marie's Mommy, Gerri!!

So delish!!

Salmon wif Cheddar
BluBerry Nanna
& Wheat Free 3 Cheese

Can't decide - gotta try them all!

Nuff said!!!

-da Demon Youngin, Juneau-

(Have U ever known Juneau to be at a loss fur words - just keep stuffing his face!?!?
Till next time!
-da Cos-)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Chanukah, Happy HOWLidays & Tis The Season!

Hi-Woo EveryPuppy & Kitties,

This is what we celebrate in R house - Day 2 of Chanukah!

Christmas Eve, Mommy & Daddy are going to R Erin & Eric's house. This will be the first year that Erin will ever have a Christmas Tree cuz that is what Eric celebrates. R Mommy gots sum ornaments to hang on their tree. She said that it will be like when she wuz a little girl & going to her friends' houses & helping them wif their Christmas trees & decorations. NOTE: After the Holidaze, why don'ts you send us a peemail wif sum pics of yur Christmas decorations. R Mommy would enjoy looking at them so much!!

Here is sum pics displaying all the cards that we gots this year frum our blogging friends & horsie friends.

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas & A Happy Chanukah N' That -- & as stated better by our gal-Sibe-friend, Khyra, -- "Happy HOWLidays To All!" (We're guys - we can't always get the words right!!)

Talks to you real soon,

-da boys, Cosmos & Juneau-

PEE ESS - Thank-woo-fully & fur R Mommy's sanity the puter cooperated when Mommy & Daddy changed the battery!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Manly - Man!

Hi-Woo EveryPuppy & Kitties,

This is R Daddy-Joel getting ready to watch the football game

This is R Daddy supporting his favorite football team, the Pittsburgh Stillers (Yep, you are seeing what you are seeing - R Daddy has Black & Gold nail polish on his piggies, HaRoo!!!!)

Yesterday, R Daddy told Mommy that he wanted to do sumthing different. Since his shoulder surgery he can't get the dead, icky skin off of the bottom of his feetsies. Sos he asked Mommy if she wanted to get a pedicure (can we get a paw-i-cure - we'd be good, can we - it sounds like fun - can we?!?!) wif him. Well, as soon as he said that Mommy was putting on her coat & was half out of the door before Daddy could get our treats & have us get into our crates. He didn't hafta ask her a second time, haroo! Daddy treated Mommy to a date-day. They went to get their footisies done (Mommy has deep red glitter nail polish on her piggies.) Then, they did a little shopping at the Mall. Daddy took Mommy to dinner. Then they stopped home to let us run a round, go outside & eat R dinner & be wif us fur a few hours. Then, Daddy took Mommy to a movie. They went to see the James Bond movie. Mommy said that the people who made the movie were stoopid cuz they shoulda had the cutie-actor Pierce Brosnan stay the 007 guy!! He would have made the movie more worthwhile to watch. This movie was Daddy's pick, Mommy gets her pick next time.

Hope all of you had a great weekend! Woulda've been better if we had got snow!

Til next time,

-da boys, Cosmos & Junuea-

PEE ESS - Keep yur paws crossed fur us. Sumthing is wrong wif R puter. After the Siller game, Daddy & Mommy R going to change the battery. Then they have to do sumthing else wif it. We hopes it works after that.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Cute Horsie Video - Horsies - Age vs Youth

Hi-Woo EveryPuppy & Kitties,

Here is a fun horsie video to watch. Hope you enjoy it!

Til next time,

-da boys, Cosmos & Juneau-

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gifts frum New Zealand

Hi-Woo Every Friend,

We gots a box frum my bewootiful Sumi & her Team in New Zealand. There was sum yummy treats for me & also sum fur the demon. Mommy & Daddy gots a DVD which they will play after Daddy watches the Stiller game. There was also a very purty shiny blue & white crystal decoration. Since we don't have a Christmas tree, I will help Mommy chose the right place where to hang the decoration up.

Here's sum pics of me opening & inspecting our package.

Big Thank Woos to Mommy-Aleeya & My Sumi, & Prince, & Suki! (& frum Juni, too!)
-da Cos-

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Daddy's Surgery

Hi EveryPuppy,

Here is a Daddy After Surgery Update:

Daddy had his surgery on his left shoulder yesterday (Friday). Mommy said that he had to be there at 9:30am & since there was a cancellation, his surgery was scheduled at 11:15am rather than 12:30. Mommy got to see Daddy after the surgery at around 2:30pm. He was wide awake, but not bushy-tailed, haroo! The doctor found a big bone spur, bursitis, & a small tear. He cleaned up the bone spur, bursitis & was able to cut out the tear. They did it arthroscopically (which means no major cutting as Mommy 'splained to us) sos R Daddy will have a quicker recovery. While Mommy was present, Daddy asked his Doc if he could drive. With witnesses around to make sure Mommy heard right, the Doc said that Daddy could drive (some times - more than some times -R Daddy is difficult & rush the recovery issue after a surgery, like trying to mow the lawn after gall bladder surgery, or driving after the Doc reattached his bicep back on his tendon in his right arm 2 yrs. ago!) as long as he hasn't taken a pain pill.

Well, by the time they came home yesterday, fed us, fed them & cleaned up, Mommy & Daddy were tuckered out. Sos we all had a jamie party & veged out & watched TV.

Til next time,

-da boys, Cosmos & Juneau-

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hi-ya EveryPuppy & Other Friends,

Juni here! The Mullin Clan is still around, but a lot has been happening since the end of October. This is going to be a long one – sos I hope I don’t bore you reading this!

The Horsies
Bud & Charlie are doing very good – in fact, even better. Mommy & Daddy moved them to a new stable in a better location in the Park where they board. Here’s the story: The attitude of the owners at the old barn had really changed & not for the better! 2 years ago when they bought the place, Daddy wanted to move. Mommy, who doesn’t want to start out thinking bad about any humes, talked him into staying fur a while. These were people who didn’t know how to ride, let alone take care of a horsie before they bought the place. Yep, the horsies, Bud & Charlie, were being taken care of, but they are stoopid people who can’t think fur themselves & let others influence them about people & what should be done, or know how to run a bizness. About 2 years ago, a Troll & his Hag wife came to board at the barn. This Hag (I’m trying to be nice here) 2 months ago actually attacked Mommy at the barn & nothing was done about it. Now you have to understand that our Mommy is not good in a physical fight let alone a verbal one. At every barn this Troll & Hag have been at, they knows how to kiss-up to the owners. The stoopid owners would let other humes bring their horsies to live at the barn & have said repeatedly “Doesn’t mean we’ll let them stay!” Well, cuz of the Nasty Troll & Hag’s influence over the stoopid barn owners – 7 humes have been told to leave the barn with a story that they have to downsize. These people can’t even be honest with their stoopid excuses. Mommy & Daddy said “Good Riddance” & found another stable home for Charlie & Bud. Their sis, Jodie, came, too, along wif their trail buddies, Clancy & Magic. They all have settled quite well. In fact they are even quieter than before. They just love to run free around the big indoor arena, just kicking up their heels & running all around. Daddy said that they should’ve left that old barn a long, long time ago. To those people from that old place & especially the old, nasty & ugly Troll & his Hag wife & their friends (who Mommy & Daddy originally introduced them to a long time ago) – KISS MY TAIL!!! (I can’t say what I want to with HBO words or I will get in trouble, but you knows what I mean!)

The House
Daddy will be finishing working on the Breakfast Room, Kitchen & Dining Room by tonight (hopefully) wif my help. Pictures will follow later. We have a deadline of finishing all by Thursday, 12/4.

Daddy is feeling good & enjoying fixing up the house. He is going to have surgery on his left shoulder on Friday, 12/5. That’s why we have been working hard on getting it done. Mommy always worries about Daddy, so we are there to keep up her spirits around Daddy’s surgery date. Send her a pee mail to help keep her mind off of 12/5 – that will help. Daddy is looking forward to the surgery cuz then he’ll be able to move his shoulder & arm better wifout pain.

da Cos
He has been in trouble chewing on sum of Mommy’s books frum her bookcase. Bout time he gets yelled at & not always me! I don’t do that! (Yeah, well what about the rag Mommy just pulled out of yur throat on Turkey Day, you lil Demon, huh!?!?!?)

Grandma (Mommy’s Mommy) fell in her home almost 3 weeks ago & cracked bones in her lower back near her tail bone. She is in a nursing rehab place close to our home. They are working to get her back up & walking again sos she can go home. She’s 83 years young sos it will take time.

Good news is that Mommy has been at her new job 6 months – time does go fast! She had sumthing they called A-Review. Her lady bosses told Mommy that she has been doing a great job & they are holding on to her & wouldn’t let her leave. That made Mommy feel real good!

Well, that’s the month in review. Mommy has been checking up on our pee mail & have been answering a few. But every time she went to turn on the puter for us to update our bloggie & talk to all of you, little things have foiled these plans. Hope all of you had a Great (gobble-woo gobble-woo) Turkey Day – we had a Moo-woo Moo-woo Day since we aren’t much of turkey eating luvers in our house.

That’s it fur now - take care all (especially my bewootiful, MayaMarie!),

-Juni, The Demon Youngin-

PEE ESS: Mommy & Daddy gots to ride Charlie & Bud on the trails yesterday. They were calm & realized that the trails that they were on were the ones that they always traveled in the Park & did great. They are going barefoot hoofies fur the winter sos they won’t slip & slide as much when they have their horsie shoes on. Today, cuz of stoopid rain, Mommy & Daddy could only ride in the indoor arena. Mommy is happy when she just gets to sit on her Charlie. He takes good care of her when she is out of Cosi’s & my sight.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Have a Happy Turkey Day!

To All of Our Blogging Friends,

Have a Happy Turkey Day!

We are still around & will talk wif you real soon!!

Yur friends,

Mommy-Marlene, Daddy-Joel, da Cos, & Juneau (the Demon Youngin')

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Have A BooooooWooooofully Happy Halloween

Hi-Woo EveryPuppy & Other Friends,
Have a BoooooWoooooofully Safe & Happy Halloween!! We hopes you get lots of treats & not alot of tricks!!!!
From Your Buds,
Cowboy Cosi
The Masked Zorro-Pup (or Z-Pup Juni)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm a Lean, Spiffy (not Mean), Siber-ific Machine!

Hi Woo All!
I've been workin & sweatin up a storm wif mommy a couple-a times a week. I'm getting in shape & muskleing up! How do you like my sweat headband? Don't I just look great in blue wif my blue eyes? I'm keeping in shape fur my gal, Summer. When we do someday get to meet, I want to look my best fur her.

Mommy & I are workin out to this guy called Richard Simmons. This guy just flits all over the video. And, you do really, really sweat to the songs that are on it. Lucky for me I have my blue sweat headband on. I don't know why they call the songs oldies cuz they are new to me, humes go figger!!

Oh-woo, I'm am all tuckered out. That was quite a work-out.

Til next time,

-da Cos-

Pssssst - Doesn't da Cos look just like a doofus in mommy's headband, haroo! I think so!! Gotta go, I hear Cosi comin back into the office where we keeps the puter in our house. Ta Ta -Juni-

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Da Boy of Deconstruction!

Hiya EveryPuppy & Other Friends,

Being a true Sibe & not lookin straight at mommy fur the picture!

Well, me helping mommy by pulling off wallpaper in the breakfast room (why do they call it that cuz mommy, daddy & Josh eat snaxs & lunch & dinner in there, too?!?) really paid off! Daddy decided it was time to get the rest of the wallpaper off which was higher than Cosi & me could pull down & give the room a new look fur mommy. Daddy even let me come in & help.

Lookee at what we have been doin!

It isn't finished yet. Daddy has to stain the lower part of the walls & paint the upper.

Daddy custom-built that cabinet fur our mommy BC&J (way-way before Cosi & me)

Fur now our crates are in the living room cuz when daddy starts to stain & paint, he muttered sumthing about flying fur until it dries! Dontcha think our fur would add a little of decoration (our "ME" look!) to the newly remodeled room, me thinks so, haroo!! Hmmmmm, Now if Josh would only leave us the remote control so we can watch TV while they are at work!

Til next time all!

-da Juneau-

Pee Ess - When I got my turn at the Wubba, sadly I must admit, that I kilt it. It was so far gone that not even Dr. Mommy culd fixer-it-up again!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dr. Mommy!

Hi-Woo EveryPuppy & Other Friends!

Our mommy has another title, Dr. Mommy. She has a bunch of stuffies in her bedroom that we are not allowed to play with. Based on what we did (that is Juneau did) to our Wubba which only lasted about 2 days -- I don't blame her! Mommy's stuffie, Beethoven, was loosing his stuffins & mommy had to use her expertise in sewing to surgically put Beethoven & his stuffins back where it belongs. He really was a sick stuffie!

See he's all better & back next to his, bud, Scooby-doo!

Now, get back to the Wubba - we heard so much how all of you puppers enjoyed playing wif yur Wubbas that we pawed mommy until she got us one. I, da Cos, got to play wif it first! When I let the "demon youngin" get his turn - he kilt it! I finally found a job for Juneau to do - doggie toy testing. If it survives him playing wif them - they are durable!

There are no pics of Juneau. He hasn't been very cooperative lately. He just doesn't stay still long enough fur mommy to snap the picture. Oh, he's sploding again all over the house. I guess I'll be next.

Everyone in our house is doing good, including the horsies, Bud & Charlie. Mommy & daddy just got their flu shots this week & so did the horsies.

Til next time!

-da Cos-

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

They're Here, They're Here!!!

Can it be!
Smells like em!

Woooo Hoooo, they are here!! Mommy ordered cookies from my MayaMarie's Mommy (Happy Hearts Dog Cookies, Inc. By Gerri)

MayaMarie pawed me a note on this package - Kisses to my sweet Juneau, Woo Woos, MayaMarie

Mommy ordered for us - Blueberry Banana, Applesauce Banana, & Salmon Cheddar. (A personal Siberian favorite of mine!!! -Cosi-) (But I luv all of them by my MM's Mommy - whatever she makes!!! I wish they all lived closer to us in PGH cuz Cosi & I can help be new cookie taste testers! -Juni-)

PEE ESS - As you might notice that the date of the pictures are about a week or so old. We haven't been able to update our bloggie as often as we would like - but we do check in wif our friends blogs a lot even when we can't always leave a comment. Sos, bear wif us. We are still around! And, we still have cookies left to chow down on!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Day After Labor Day!

Hiya EveryPuppy & 2-legged & 4-legged Friends,

Well, I heard that this was the "labor" day weekend. Doesn't the word "labor" mean work? Arentcha spose to enjoy a holiday?!?! Not in our house. Daddy took a good look at Cosi's & my handiwork of deconstruction in the Breakfast Room & decided that this weekend was time to start the process to bewootify the house.

On Saturday, mommy & daddy went on a 2-hr. trail ride with Charlie & Bud. Then, they went out to a builder supply place & gots wood & boards & other stuff.

On Sunday, mommy & daddy packed a lunch & went on a 5-hr. trail ride & picnic with the horsies. After that, daddy got down to work to update the trim in R Dining Room & Hallway.

Yesterday, after playing wif the horsies for just a few hours, major deconstruction occurred. You should have seen our mommy's face when daddy took the front window completely out & realized that me & Cosi were still running around the house helping daddy. She flipped out & muttered that she didn't want to lose her "babies" jumping out of the hole in the Living Room where the window should've been - meaning us - & we had to be in jail for a few hours while daddy worked on the front window surrounding trim & put the window back in.

Daddy still has to do some wall patching in the downstairs & hall way.

Then, the rest of the wall paper has to be pulled down frum the Breakfast Room. We can help wif that job! Daddy got special board for the walls instead of more wall paper & he wants to add trim there, too (which we can't help him wif).

We hopes you like the pictures.

Til next time,


Pee Ess: We were looking over our friends' blogs & came to my MayaMarie's blog entitled "Evacuation" http://mayamariewindow.blogspot.com/2008/08/evacuation.html. Right after reading it, R Mommy called them on their cell phone to see how they are doing. They did not evacuate cuz the roads were too jam-packed out of their area. They have water at least, but still have no electricity, & were told that it could come on anytime. We are so very glad that all of them & their home (& MM's mommy's new kitchen & double oven) & all of their belongings are safe & sound.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Woo Hoo - R Girl Got Married

R girl, Erin, married her Eric on Saturday, 8/23. It took place at Eric's (everybody & us Sibes call him Carter which is his last name - humes nicknames are funny, go figger!!!) sister's house. Mommy & daddy took these pics before the ceremony started. The photo-lady shuld have the pics up on her website within the next 2 weeks. Don't mommy, daddy & Erin look good!?!? They would look even better if we were there wif them - a little husky hair would dress any outfit up, dontcha think!!!!

Doesn't R-daddy look great in his tux & dress black cowboy boots! All that is missing is his fancy, black dress cowboy hat (Erin wouldn't let him wear it tho!)

Til next time,

-Cosmos & Juneau-

Pee Ess: We woulda posted earlier, like last week, but mommy was talking to MayaMaries's mommy in Louisiana fur a long time & didn't turn the puter on fur us. R-mommy said that MM's mommy will be the next 'Mrs. Fields of yummy doggie cookies.' Mrs. Fields started her choc-chip cookie busines in her home & look how that took off! We can't wait til we get our order of cookies frum MM's mommy! Our mouths are watering as we think of them!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Da Boys of Deconstruction

Hi-Woo EveryPuppy & Other 4-Legged & 2-Legged Friends,

If ya gots a "deconstruction" job around yur house, don't sweat it or do it yurself - call Da Boys of Deconstruction, Cosmos & Juneau, & we will take apart anything or place that you desire. Just ask our dad for a reference on our work - ERRRR MAYBE NOT OUR DAD!!!!!!
Well, Juni overheard a long whiles ago that mommy wanted the wall paper off of the walls in the breakfast room (where we have our crates & get our Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast) & for daddy to paint them instead! So little by little, Juni tried to help by peeling the wall paper off. Both of us decided to take matter into our own paws, & speeded up the process as you can see:

This is what the walls looked like wif the paper on it!

And, This is what the walls looked like after our "deconstruction" job while mommy was upstairs!

SOOOOO BUSTED & NOT UNDERSTOOD (Mommy, we wuz only trying to help!)!!!!!

Mommy-Marlene here - When I saw the wall & the paper on the floor, I couldn't stop laughing. Joel came home shortly after that & he just stared. I told him that Juni & Cosi were only trying to help. Joel started making a list of materials that he will need to repair some of the walls (they went a little too far!) & what he wants to do to the walls instead of putting more paper up. Juni got sprung & Cosi (who is not an innocent in this caper) were not in trouble for long.

Til next time,

-Marlene, Cosmos & Juneau-

Pee Ess - Our mommy & bro-Josh took us for our yearly visit to Met Vet. Both of us weigh in at around 54 pounds. We were talking so loud to the other puppers in their waiting room that one of the techs was very kind to escort us to a room before our time to see the doc - she muttered sumthing about peace & quiet!! No pics were taken of us getting examined. And, that was a good thing cuz sum of it was too em-bear-assing to get a pic of!