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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Woo-Ye, Woo-Ye

Woo-Ye, Woo-Ye - It's so nice to be a-bloggin again!!

It's been a tough month for poor Charlie Horse! That thingee on his back got infected again & the vet had to go to the barn & do a procedure on it by cutting into it more & cleaning it out. He had to go on meds, too. Mommy & daddy had to go out every night to clean it out & put med stuff on it. We hears he's been real good & standing still. He knows that mommy & daddy are taking good care of him. The vet came out this past week to give them their fall shots & said that Charlie's boo-boo is finally on the mend. It heals from the inside out & is still pretty big. Mommy was allowed to ride him, however, after a week after the procedure if he tolerated it. She used a thick fuzzy saddle pad & the saddle itself didn't rest on the boo-boo.

Now since Mommy doesn't have to go out to the barn every night, she'll let us use her lap puter more (or so we hope!) to keep up wif all of yur news.

Mommy & Daddy went to a Renaissance Fair that has been around the past 6 weekends in Pittsburgh. There was food, drink & lotz of humes running around dressed in costumes of yore (years gone by - & it is not Hall-woo-een yet!) doing skitz & singin & just havin a-lotz of fun. Sum of the costumes had ladiez boobs (Hey-woo there doofus-Juni, you can get in troooouble sayin that word!) OK, then ladiez upper bodiez practically falling out of their topz (I saw this on a commercial, yepper-woo I did)! The following are pics & sum movies of grown humes jousting (running around & knocking each other off of horses (ouchie!) & playing (we mean fighting) with swords. We hopes you enjoy the show!

Gettin the Peoples Worked Up for the Joust!

The Good Knight (white horsie) vs. The Bad Knight (dark horsie)!

And the Winner Is - & not for those whose tummies get upset over gore, ha-woo!!

Take care & talk to woo-all real soon!

-da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-