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Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Furry 4-Legged Boys & GO STILLERS!

Hi All,

Mommy-Marlene here! Hoping that all of you, 2-legged & 4-legged friends had a wonderful summer! (I'm still holding on to the summer as tight as I can, not looking to the evenings getting darker earlier! I still want to play (ride on the trails) after work! I apologize (yes mommies do that sometimes!) that Cosi & Juni haven't been able to keep up with all their blogging buddies. I promised them that I won't hide their puter as much & they will be able to start posting again & keep up with all of you.
Several weeks ago, Joel & I took the boys to the vet to have their yearly physicals. Juni weighs 50 lbs.; Cosi weighs 48 lbs. Juni might be bigger, but Cosi is one solid boy! The joys & perks of having Sibes - they were greeting & wooing all of the other patients so loudly that the staff could not talk or hear the phones ring. That's my boys! We were put in a room immediately! They got their yearly vaccines & received a clean bill of health.

Last week I was petting Cosi & giving him a rub down & on his right side felt a hard lump the size of my pinkie nail. It didn't bother him when I pushed on it. I called our vet & they squeezed us in. They took Cosi in the back room to get a scraping & some fluid from it. I could hear him telling them that he was not pleased what they were doing. The tech brought him in & asked me how I liked her furry clothes. Cosi was all over her! The vet came back in to tell us that it was nothing & not to worry about it - they had looked at the scrapings & fluid under their microscope. Woo, was I relieved!

That same afternoon I had to have the horse vet at the barn for Charlie. My poor wallet - but you know, I don't care - if my boys needed to be seen so be it!! Charlie started to break out with a hive-like rash a few days before & it was really spreading. He had a skin infection called "rain rot" from having a muggy summer & sweating a lot with the humidity. I was told that this can occur even if the horse is kept groomed & clean. We have been spot-shampooing Charlie with a medicated shampoo every other day & making sure that he is dry before putting him in his stall. He looks like a wannabe spotted Appaloosa with hair missing in circles on his back. But, it is not spreading anymore thankfully!

The boys & I want to end this post by saying - GO STILLERS!!!!

Til next time,

-Da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau, & Mommy-Marlene-