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Monday, January 28, 2008


Hi-Woo EveryPuppy,

This was more or less a laid-back puppy weekend! It was brrr-puppy cold on Friday here in PGH!

On Friday night, mommy gots to finish watching the end of an 8-hr. mini-series on DVD called Scarlett, the Sequel to Gone Wif The Wind, that she started to watch last week. Daddy found it for her while rummaging in the $5.00 DVD bin at Walmart. He knows how much she likes to watch the older movies. She started to watch the the 2nd DVD late Friday night & didn't go to bed until 3:00am. I think she also watched the section on how they made the movie, too. She really enjoyed it. Daddy wouldn't watch it wif her muttering sumthing about a "chick flick" - whatever that means. Juneau & I stayed wif her, but we saw more of the back of our eyelids than the movie itself.
Juneau & I picked who we thinks of the leading men in the Gone Wif The Wind we would be more like. I would be more like Scarlett's first love, Ashley Wilkes. This is a photo from the original movie, not Scarlett. We both have light colored fur/hair & have a laid-back disposition. Juneau really has to get me riled up before I git after him, or I finally just walk away. More like a southern-disposition of the Old South.

Now Juneau would be more like Rhett Butler, the scoundrel, the black sheep, the good-time guy, & the ladies man (don'ts worry MayaMarie he's been true to you!).

Above are sum pictures of how we kept mommy company sleeping beside her recliner. Look how he has his pawsies wrapped around mine! Juneau likes to cuddle wif me, or on-the-other paw - this way he can keep track of what I'm doing if I get up. I don't mind a bit cuz he wasn't hurting me.

This video is me wooing to our grandma. She came over to eat & visit wif us on Saturday. We were both on our bestest behavior (not like Thanksgiving when I jumped in her lap on the recliner to gets away from 'the demon').

Til next time,


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

HOORAY - We Gots Snow!!

Greetings Everypuppy,

I wants to thank all of you fur yur support on my jail time. I knows my girl, MayaMarie, was thinking about ways to "breaks" me out of the slammer, but I didn't want her to gets into trouble. So, she did talk to Sheriff Cosmos on my behalf. Sheriff Cosmos let me out cuz I finally owned up that I did the crimes (Who else did it - not me cuz I'm past chewing stage, not daddy, & mommy couldn't especially wif her jaw problems! -C-) & that I would try to be an upstanding Sibe in the future. However, he dids tell me that he will be keeping both of his eyes on me. I still think that DEMON is still in me & comes out from time-to-time. He was to blame, that's right, he made me do those things!

The temps in PGH Saturday night thru Sunday were BRRRRR-PUPPY outside. So I snuggled up wif Cosi & we took it easy. (Yeah Juni, I realize that you like to be wif me, but can you keep a little distance between us - I AM NOT YUR PILLOW!!!! -C-) It was in the low teens on Sunday, single digits in the very early morning. Daddy took mommy out to see the horsies & to give them their treats of carrots n' apples. She didn't ride cuz the horses were warmer in their stalls wif their blankies on & the air was too cold fur her wif her breathing & asthma.

And today, we finally gots snow in Pittsburgh - hoooray!! Here's a little video of us playing out in the backyard after mommy came home frum work. Our neighbor, Mr. Rubin, got into the act. When he saw that mommy was videoing us running around in the snow, he did a little dance.

Well that's it fur now - til next time.


Monday, January 14, 2008

A Tale of the "New" West

This is the tale of Sheriff Cosmos. He is wuved by all, a Sibe for justice & an alright pretty, nice guy!

Sheriff Cosmos

It was brought to attention that some crimes had been committed. He had to bring the varmit who done it into custody. Let's look at the crimes --

HMMM, a fence gate chewed up!

Mommy's, I mean the Victim's, chair being chewed up.

It could be none other than Black Bart-Juneau! A lowly varmit who doesn't care where he parks his teeth.

Now to bring the varmit into custody!
I gots you now, you little varmit chewer upper!
To Sheriff Cosmos utter shock, "Hey, you are in my crate, not the right jail cell!!"
Don'ts worry, Sherrif Cosmos, you won't be able to hold me here fur long, hawoo-hawoo-hawoo-sneer-snicker & all that," replies Black-Bart-Juneau.
THE END (until the next time)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, More Bad, & the Excellent!

Happy New Year to all of our 2-legged & 4-legged blogging friends!
I meant what I said - at the end of 2007, I was going to tear up the calendar. It was an awful year for our family. Welcome 2008!

THE GOOD: The University was closed during the week between Christmas and New Year's. I spent the days with Cosmos & Juneau. They are the best company. I love watching Juneau play with all the toys in their crate. He takes each one out to decide which one will be the favorite at the moment. Haven't quite got him to the point where he will put his toys back when he is all done. But, I couldn't quite get my kids to get the hang of that when they were young! When Cosi wasn't trying to wrestle & pin Juni down to the ground, he spent his time laying by my recliner or putting his head on my shoulder when he wanted hugs. I went to see the horses in the evening when Joel came home from work. Since we have an indoor arena, I was able to ride & work Charlie in spite of the weather outside. Joel bought me a new set of dishes from Macy's. It is the Homer-Laughlin Fiesta dish line. When he heard that their factory was in Newell, WV, he took one day off so we could drive down to visit. He was like a little kid in their Seconds Warehouse!
Armed with a towel for wiping off the dishes, he went from bin to bin looking for good pieces to add to our set. 3 hrs. later, we left with another 6 colorful place settings, matching sugar & creamer, & serving bowls. This section has dishes from the line that have a few imperfections, & at a great savings. It was a great that my phone has such a good battery because I played lots of card games & blackjack while watching our crates full of dishes while the "big kid" was on his search, ha-ha! We also got to see some movies - The Golden Compass & National Treasure 2.

THE BAD: I just haven't felt up to blogging. Have kept all of you in my thoughts. I have been worried about my job. Not sure how long it will run. There haven't been many new postings. Though I did have an interview on Tuesday (keep your fingers & toes crossed for me!!) & I just got called for another one next week.

THE UGLY: Last week I noticed a little pimple with a white head on my stomach just under my right breast. The head came off of it & I had an angry, sore mark. My doctor did a culture & it turned out to be my 3rd bout with that awful new infection called MRSA. It is so painful. The last time I had it was last summer. I'm seeing my doctor's almost every 2 days to check it. I got one on my right breast as well. My son had the infection first last winter. My doc said that stress could have set it off in me again as well as the warm, crazy weather we have been having. She changed my meds yesterday. I would not be able to have surgery until I am all done with this. I feel like such a mess!

MORE BAD: My surgery was re-scheduled for Jan. 15. This past Monday, I called my surgeon's office to see if the joint was in PGH. It has not left California yet & that the company is still working with it. Even worse news - my medical insurance company reneged on approval for my first TMJ surgery (after the fact) to get the failing joint out. I knew something was up when I got a bill from my surgeon's accounting dept. with a balance instead of showing what the insurance company paid. The insurance company also said that they wouldn't pay for the 2nd surgery or for my joint. My doctor's assistant told me not to worry (better said than can do, especially with me!) & that they are fighting it. The insurance company back in March '07 had called their office & gave them an approval # for authorization of the surgery. They were waiting for another call from my insurance company. If the "great" company (who has ads on billboards around PGH as well as on TV commercials saying that they are good for the wellness of your whole body - YEAH RIGHT) does not give approval, my surgeon suggested that Joel & I talk to the newspapers & news media. When most insurance companies see the initials TMJ, they deny coverage in spite of what is written. I couldn't wait until January thinking 2008 will have to start out better than last year - boy, was I wrong!

THE EXCELLENT: Joel called me a little while ago. He heard from my surgeon's office. They got approval for both surgeries from my UPMC medical insurance as well as payment for my joint- HOORAY!!!!!! My new TMJ joint might not be in PGH in time for the new surgery date of Jan. 22, so it is now set for Feb. 5. By that time I hope to clear up this infection & be ready to go.



Wasn't that great news for our Mommy! She said that it was our turn to add to our blog.

We wants to thank Echo , Team Husky, & Tasha & Eva for the "You Make My Day Award".

We really enjoy reading about you on yur blogs & being friends wif all of you. Here we are wif our Josh!

Til next time,

-Cosmos & Juneau-