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Monday, January 28, 2008


Hi-Woo EveryPuppy,

This was more or less a laid-back puppy weekend! It was brrr-puppy cold on Friday here in PGH!

On Friday night, mommy gots to finish watching the end of an 8-hr. mini-series on DVD called Scarlett, the Sequel to Gone Wif The Wind, that she started to watch last week. Daddy found it for her while rummaging in the $5.00 DVD bin at Walmart. He knows how much she likes to watch the older movies. She started to watch the the 2nd DVD late Friday night & didn't go to bed until 3:00am. I think she also watched the section on how they made the movie, too. She really enjoyed it. Daddy wouldn't watch it wif her muttering sumthing about a "chick flick" - whatever that means. Juneau & I stayed wif her, but we saw more of the back of our eyelids than the movie itself.
Juneau & I picked who we thinks of the leading men in the Gone Wif The Wind we would be more like. I would be more like Scarlett's first love, Ashley Wilkes. This is a photo from the original movie, not Scarlett. We both have light colored fur/hair & have a laid-back disposition. Juneau really has to get me riled up before I git after him, or I finally just walk away. More like a southern-disposition of the Old South.

Now Juneau would be more like Rhett Butler, the scoundrel, the black sheep, the good-time guy, & the ladies man (don'ts worry MayaMarie he's been true to you!).

Above are sum pictures of how we kept mommy company sleeping beside her recliner. Look how he has his pawsies wrapped around mine! Juneau likes to cuddle wif me, or on-the-other paw - this way he can keep track of what I'm doing if I get up. I don't mind a bit cuz he wasn't hurting me.

This video is me wooing to our grandma. She came over to eat & visit wif us on Saturday. We were both on our bestest behavior (not like Thanksgiving when I jumped in her lap on the recliner to gets away from 'the demon').

Til next time,



The Daily Echo said...

Mom said she had a cat named after Ashley in Gone With The Wind. You both were such good boys with Grandma! You have to be careful around Grammas cause they break easy.

Anonymous said...

Hey mum, the boys looked like they were behaving very well, especially during Scarlett (they did exactly what I did the first time I watched the movie with you). The video I want to see is of them waking Dad up in the morning. That would be funny! Love you.

Kapp pack said...

What a bewootiful voice!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

The Husky in the Window said...

On you'all had a fun movie event! You'all had family visit. That looked so fun! And Cosmos has a lovely husky voice.

I have to see who this Rhett guy is that my Juneau is being compared to. Hmmmmm.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Khady Lynn said...

Mom loved the Gone Wif the Wind movie! She's never seen Scarlet, or read the book.

Great video!!


Pee Ess, did you get your Sibermal Society invite? I sent it twice?

One Little Birdie said...

Cosi, we all really miss your sweet voice! Thanks for sharing it again with us. It made mom really miss you - us too! Happy Gotcha day bro!

Love, G&S