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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cosi's "Gotcha" Day & SNOWMAGGEDON in Da Burgh

Hi-Woo All,

Yesterday was my 3-year Gotcha Day!

I wuz frustrating Mommy tonight cuz I wouldn't pose & look at her, hawoo!
These pics were taken frum R bedroom window of R street on Saturday

And, these pics & movies were taken on Monday. I hope woo like them!
Til next time,
-da Cos-

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow, Snow - Lookin fur the PGH Snow

Snow, Snow where R woo!!!
-Da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm So Bluuuuue, Yeppers!!!!

Avatar Juni!

Do woo see what I hafta put up wif, huh !!
Til next time,
-da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow, SNOW in PGH - WOORAY & Yaktrax!

Hi-Woo All!

Yippee, we gotz lotz & lotz of snow in PGH!! Can't stop playin in the snow!!!

These funny thingees are called Yaktrax. R Mommy puts these on her shoes sos she can walk on snow & ice & won't fall down. R Mommy does not like snowy dayz like we do. She does say that it is pretty lookin out at the snow falling frum inside the house.

We hopes you got snow, too!

Til next time,

-da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wishin' All of Woo a Fantastic Holiday and a Happy New Year!

Neighs & Woos to All of Our Blogging Buddies!
Have a Fantastic Holiday and a Happy New Year!

Lotz of Woos frum Da Cos!

Neighs frum Bud-D!

And More Neighs & Howdees frum Charlie!

And, Woos & Yips frum Me, Juni, Too!!

Talks to you all next year!!!

Pee Ess - WE DID GET LOTZ OF SNOW - Buts, it is all gone again!!!

-Yur Weather Pupper Reporter, Da Cos-

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cosmos, Siberian Weather Pupper - Reporting on PGH Thursday Weather

Cosmos, Siberian Weather Pupper - Reporting on PGH Thursday Weather

Sibe Translation of Wooin Weather Report:

Woos All!

It's very, very BRrrrrrrrr-Puppy in PGH. Mucho windy & very noisy, too! It's keep-you-very-awake & fluff up yur fur cold in PGH!! But, alas, no snow. Just a lil bit of dustin on the ground to tease us - no fairs! It's so cold that R mommy came home frum work & gots into her soft, flannel jamies fur the night to vege out & stay warm (Oops, Er Cos, I don't think you shoulda said that - mommy might not want yur viewers to know what she is wearin!!). Well, My Viewers, me, yur Sibe Weather Pupper Reporter, will keep you up-to-date wif R PGH Weather as Winter comes upon us.

Take care & til next time,

-da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grown Daddy-Humes Can Wear Pink, Hawoo!!

Hi Woo All,

Fur the last part of October, R family wuz healing - that is Charlie & R daddy. On Monday, October 12, the vet had to come & do anuther procedure on that nasty thing on Charlie's back. It healed but healed open. We all were afraid that when Charlie would roll around in his stall (when he gets an itch!) he could get sumthing in it & gets infected again. So Dr. Leah met daddy at the barn. Daddy told us & mommy that he was glad that she didn't go (she couldn't take time off frum work) cuz she would have been so upset & sick cuz Dr. Leah had to first cut away the raised circle of skin (about an inch around) (daddy took a pic of it on his phone & it wuz very, very icky & bloody). Thank dogness that Charlie didn't know what wuz happening cuz he got a shot that put made him very, very relaxed in horsie la-la land. Then Dr. Leah stitched Charlie up.

On Friday, October 16 R daddy had to have surgery to reattach his left arm bicep tendon which was torn 90% (it happened at work, not on or around Bud). Daddy knew way back in March that he would have to have the surgery, but put it off as long as he could so he could spend the Spring, Summer & part of the Fall riding the trails wif his Bud, mommy & Charlie, & their trail riding buddies.

Then, for the next 2 weeks, mommy had to go every night to the barn to clean Charlie's wound site (& to top it off he got a touch of a horsie skin infection & had to have spot shampoos on his back & sides every night) (poor big guy, enuf is enuf!!!). Then daddy having his surgery & in a cast so he couldn't drive. So mommy had to drive with him as a passenger to the barn every night (she doesn't like night driving). Poor Charlie could get out of stall, but all he wuz allowed to do wuz walk around for 2 weeks so he wouldn't pull the stitches. He wuz a very grumpy horsie along wif a very grumpy daddy cuz he wanted to drive, but he wuzn't allowed until he got his cast off. R poor mommy needed a vacation! Since daddy is a rightie & he had surgery on his left arm, he helped her around the house by doin stuff fur her. 2 weels later, Charlie got his stitches out and he wuz allowed to run around which made him a happy horsie! The day after that, daddy got his cast & stitches out & could drive again & he wuz a happy guy & mommy got to be a passenger in the car again which made her very, very happy.

2 nights b4 he wuz to see the doctor, daddy wrapped his cast (cuz it wuz fallin apart) with pink vet wrap. His Dr. had a good laugh when he saw it!

Well, finally thingz are lookin up! Mommy can now ride Charlie again which makes her a happy girl! Daddy's surgery wuz a success, but he still has a lot of recovery yet until he is back to work hands-on & can ride again. Hopefully, when he sees his Dr. again the beginning of December, he will be able to go to therapy to build up strength back in his arm again.

The following are pics taken after the last trail ride b4 Charlie & Daddy had their procedures --

And, we had the most portant job to do in R house - we helped take care of daddy & mommy & kept up their spirits!!!

Sos, friends we have not furgotten all of woo - frum time to time we stopped by bloggies to see how all of woo were doin - just didn't leave a message.

Lotz & lotz of thoughtz & Sibe Vibes to R buddy, Princey, of Team Husky.

Til next time (hopefully not so long a time!!),

-da boyz, Cosmos & Junea-

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Woo-Ye, Woo-Ye

Woo-Ye, Woo-Ye - It's so nice to be a-bloggin again!!

It's been a tough month for poor Charlie Horse! That thingee on his back got infected again & the vet had to go to the barn & do a procedure on it by cutting into it more & cleaning it out. He had to go on meds, too. Mommy & daddy had to go out every night to clean it out & put med stuff on it. We hears he's been real good & standing still. He knows that mommy & daddy are taking good care of him. The vet came out this past week to give them their fall shots & said that Charlie's boo-boo is finally on the mend. It heals from the inside out & is still pretty big. Mommy was allowed to ride him, however, after a week after the procedure if he tolerated it. She used a thick fuzzy saddle pad & the saddle itself didn't rest on the boo-boo.

Now since Mommy doesn't have to go out to the barn every night, she'll let us use her lap puter more (or so we hope!) to keep up wif all of yur news.

Mommy & Daddy went to a Renaissance Fair that has been around the past 6 weekends in Pittsburgh. There was food, drink & lotz of humes running around dressed in costumes of yore (years gone by - & it is not Hall-woo-een yet!) doing skitz & singin & just havin a-lotz of fun. Sum of the costumes had ladiez boobs (Hey-woo there doofus-Juni, you can get in troooouble sayin that word!) OK, then ladiez upper bodiez practically falling out of their topz (I saw this on a commercial, yepper-woo I did)! The following are pics & sum movies of grown humes jousting (running around & knocking each other off of horses (ouchie!) & playing (we mean fighting) with swords. We hopes you enjoy the show!

Gettin the Peoples Worked Up for the Joust!

The Good Knight (white horsie) vs. The Bad Knight (dark horsie)!

And the Winner Is - & not for those whose tummies get upset over gore, ha-woo!!

Take care & talk to woo-all real soon!

-da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Furry 4-Legged Boys & GO STILLERS!

Hi All,

Mommy-Marlene here! Hoping that all of you, 2-legged & 4-legged friends had a wonderful summer! (I'm still holding on to the summer as tight as I can, not looking to the evenings getting darker earlier! I still want to play (ride on the trails) after work! I apologize (yes mommies do that sometimes!) that Cosi & Juni haven't been able to keep up with all their blogging buddies. I promised them that I won't hide their puter as much & they will be able to start posting again & keep up with all of you.
Several weeks ago, Joel & I took the boys to the vet to have their yearly physicals. Juni weighs 50 lbs.; Cosi weighs 48 lbs. Juni might be bigger, but Cosi is one solid boy! The joys & perks of having Sibes - they were greeting & wooing all of the other patients so loudly that the staff could not talk or hear the phones ring. That's my boys! We were put in a room immediately! They got their yearly vaccines & received a clean bill of health.

Last week I was petting Cosi & giving him a rub down & on his right side felt a hard lump the size of my pinkie nail. It didn't bother him when I pushed on it. I called our vet & they squeezed us in. They took Cosi in the back room to get a scraping & some fluid from it. I could hear him telling them that he was not pleased what they were doing. The tech brought him in & asked me how I liked her furry clothes. Cosi was all over her! The vet came back in to tell us that it was nothing & not to worry about it - they had looked at the scrapings & fluid under their microscope. Woo, was I relieved!

That same afternoon I had to have the horse vet at the barn for Charlie. My poor wallet - but you know, I don't care - if my boys needed to be seen so be it!! Charlie started to break out with a hive-like rash a few days before & it was really spreading. He had a skin infection called "rain rot" from having a muggy summer & sweating a lot with the humidity. I was told that this can occur even if the horse is kept groomed & clean. We have been spot-shampooing Charlie with a medicated shampoo every other day & making sure that he is dry before putting him in his stall. He looks like a wannabe spotted Appaloosa with hair missing in circles on his back. But, it is not spreading anymore thankfully!

The boys & I want to end this post by saying - GO STILLERS!!!!

Til next time,

-Da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau, & Mommy-Marlene-

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hi Woo All - We're Baaaack!!!!!

Hi-Woo All,

It's been a long, very long time since we updated R bloggie. Lotz have been happening . . .

Sadly in June we had to put R grandma (R mommy's mommy) is a place called assisted living. It wuz a very hard thing for R mommy & daddy to do, but needed to be done. R grandma couldn't live alone anymore. She can barely walk. It took most of June to get her set up in her new home & then to empty her apartment from over 20 years of living. As mommy is an only child, everything fell on daddy's and mommy's shoulders to take care of. We still have boxes in R dining room of paper work fur R daddy to go through.

July came & went, too. Daddy & mommy rode the horsies alot. See daddy will be having surgery in mid-Fall cuz he gotz a tear in the tendon in his left arm. He won't be able to use his arm fur 2 to 3 months. After the surgery he will be only allowed to lift it wif his other arm. Sos mommy & daddy have been doing stuff that they want & can do before that.

Did you know R mommy is a RODEO COWGIRL - yup-woo she is!!!! Last Tuesday, nite they were riding wif 3 other friends. Mommy wuz 4 back in line. They gotz to a spot in the park where they ride & all of the horsies took off crazy. Charlie bucked & bucked & bucked! We heard R mommy stayed on fur over 4 bucks & then she went off. There were ground bees where the horsies were walking & gotz stirred up by the horsies hoofies & attacked them. Mommy got a ride in the ambulance. She's Ok tho - just banged up! Her left arm has a lot of purty colors on in. She bruised her ribs & her butt hurts -- but she is OK (oh thank dogness)!!!! Charlie is a nice horsie & luvs R mommy & does not go out of his way to hurt mommy. Daddy got mommy back on Charlie yesterday in the indoor arena yesterday & their friends & daddy sandwiched her & Charlie in line & they went on a slow ride today. R mommy came home smiling, a little sore & tired, but happy. Charlie wuz real good fur her today & took care of her.

A birdie family moved in & stayed wif us fur awhile & then left wifout saying goodbye - how rude!

Cuddling wif R daddy!

Waitin fur Happy Hearts Cookies - yummy in the tummy!!

We hopes to git caught up sayin hi-woo on all of yur bloggies real real soon!
Til next time,
Da Boyz, Cosmos & Juneau

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birfdays, Mommys' Day, Anniverzaries, & Catch-up!

Hi-Woo EveryPuppy & Kittie,
Rozies are Red
Violetz are Blue
On May 6, I turned 2 - Haroooooo!!!!!
AND . . .
Happy Belated Mommys' Day to all of yur mommies!
Not only wuz Mommys' Day special - it wuz R Mommy's birfday - and she is . . . . (Don't say it doofus - Mommy won't like it & you'll be in suuuuch trouble!!!) (hmmm, maybe I'll listen to Cosi fur a change, I gets in enuf trouble!!!) still as young as a mommy can be!!!! (WHEW, SAFE!!!) Here's how R Mommy spent Mommy's Day & her birfday - in the morning & early afternoon - on her horsie of coursie!!!

On May 18th wuz R Mommy's & Daddy's 33rd anniverzary. As a combined birfday, Mommys' Day, & anniverzary present, R daddy surprised Mommy wif something she makes Ohhhh-Awwww noises everytime she sees a commercial wif Kay's Jewelers. R Mommy wuvs hearts (& so do I - my MayaMarie's Mommy's Happy Hearts Cookies!) & she fell in wuv with the actress Jane Seymour's open hearts. This is what her's looks like . . . .

We hopes to catch-up wif all of yur bloggies real soon!
Takes care,
-da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

That Pesky Devil!

Hi-Woo All,
Quite a few weekends ago, R daddy said that I could sleep out of the crate at nite-time if I wuz a good boy!

Ohhh, I am sooooo tired. Mommy can I stay on the bed to sleep, please please?!? (No doofus, you sleep on the floor!!!)

This past weekend Daddy wuz going to collapse the crate in the bedroom and take it down to the basement.


BUSTED - But, but the devil made me do it - dontcha call me the "demon youngin" - it wuzn't me!!!! (Nooo, you couldn't quit tormenting me & let me sleep - gotcha!!!!!)

Til next time,

-da boyz, Cosmos & (Jail-Pup) Juneau-

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Administrative Assistants Day & Tippy-Hoofy Thru the Daffy-Dils

Hi Woo All!

PAWS UP to those humes who are the backbone of every business by seeing that work is running smoothly & great reminder humes, too - The Administrative Assistant!!!!!! R Mommy had a great day! Her group gave her these flowers.
Aren't they purty! She also got a gift card which she can use fur lunch. The Top Dog er Guy-Hume on her floor bought pizza & dessert fur the Admistrative Assistants & they partied during their lunch hour in a conference room.

Another pretty site is where Daddy & Mommy & their friends ride thru the Park. There are thousands of daffy-dils in this area. There's daddy on his Bud-D.



AND Sweet, luvable, quiet me!

Til next time,

-da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dressed Best Horsie & Siberian Husky Security Patrol

Hi-Woo All,

Well, R Mommy found out what the puter problem wuz - it wuzn't R puter - it wuz that the stupid wireless izn't strong enuf to work all the wayz on the other side of R house in the breakfast room. Mommy wuz glad that she found out the problem cuz she hates to call the puter fixer-humes cuz they keep her on the phone fur a long time & don't alwayz help specially when she gets sumone on the phone who she can't understand when he/she talks.

Last week, mommy & daddy went to Ohio to a horsie trade show. Mommy had a long list of stuff that she wanted to buy for the horsies. Check out the pic of Charlie. Doesn't he look like he is the bestest dressed horsie!!!!

The thingee on his face called a bridle is attached to a bit in his mouth. We wonder if it tastes good, hmmmm!

The thingee attached to the saddle that goes around his chest is called a breast collar. You looks mighty spiffy there, Charlie!

Looks what Mommy & Daddy brought home fur R house.

We gots to ask R Ao4 friends if we qualify to wear helmets to be in uniform for this job of guarding R house. We wonder where we can get sum, maybe they can help us! How do you like R horsie doorbell?
Til next time - don't furget to email us wif funny jokes & videos!
-da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-