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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hi Woo All - We're Baaaack!!!!!

Hi-Woo All,

It's been a long, very long time since we updated R bloggie. Lotz have been happening . . .

Sadly in June we had to put R grandma (R mommy's mommy) is a place called assisted living. It wuz a very hard thing for R mommy & daddy to do, but needed to be done. R grandma couldn't live alone anymore. She can barely walk. It took most of June to get her set up in her new home & then to empty her apartment from over 20 years of living. As mommy is an only child, everything fell on daddy's and mommy's shoulders to take care of. We still have boxes in R dining room of paper work fur R daddy to go through.

July came & went, too. Daddy & mommy rode the horsies alot. See daddy will be having surgery in mid-Fall cuz he gotz a tear in the tendon in his left arm. He won't be able to use his arm fur 2 to 3 months. After the surgery he will be only allowed to lift it wif his other arm. Sos mommy & daddy have been doing stuff that they want & can do before that.

Did you know R mommy is a RODEO COWGIRL - yup-woo she is!!!! Last Tuesday, nite they were riding wif 3 other friends. Mommy wuz 4 back in line. They gotz to a spot in the park where they ride & all of the horsies took off crazy. Charlie bucked & bucked & bucked! We heard R mommy stayed on fur over 4 bucks & then she went off. There were ground bees where the horsies were walking & gotz stirred up by the horsies hoofies & attacked them. Mommy got a ride in the ambulance. She's Ok tho - just banged up! Her left arm has a lot of purty colors on in. She bruised her ribs & her butt hurts -- but she is OK (oh thank dogness)!!!! Charlie is a nice horsie & luvs R mommy & does not go out of his way to hurt mommy. Daddy got mommy back on Charlie yesterday in the indoor arena yesterday & their friends & daddy sandwiched her & Charlie in line & they went on a slow ride today. R mommy came home smiling, a little sore & tired, but happy. Charlie wuz real good fur her today & took care of her.

A birdie family moved in & stayed wif us fur awhile & then left wifout saying goodbye - how rude!

Cuddling wif R daddy!

Waitin fur Happy Hearts Cookies - yummy in the tummy!!

We hopes to git caught up sayin hi-woo on all of yur bloggies real real soon!
Til next time,
Da Boyz, Cosmos & Juneau