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Friday, April 25, 2008

Hangin Wif My Bro!

Hi-Woo EveryPuppy,

What is wrong wif this picture! Woo-yeah, I know Juni likes to be wif me (when he isn't terrorizing me), but come on - he's longer than his own crate that is the exact same as mine! This is my space, my crate, MY PLACE TO UNWIND BY MY WOOING SELF!! I do like being wif him, but not in such a tight squeeze.

Mommy is still job hunting. Interview people are just plain stupid (to quote our Tubey, campaign-Sibe-at-large)! Don't they know that they would be getting a great hard-working employee -- their loss! Juni & I have been keeping her spirits up. She has been giving us squirt water bottle baths when the 2 of us start getting a little ruff wif our play in the house. I hates when she does it, but if feels great when I am hot.

This is a picture of Charlie Horse (on the left wif the stripe down his face) & his bro, Bud (on the right). Daddy says that Bud looks like a mule & has a high squeal when he is being a cry-horsie, hawoo! They look like they are OK together when they are turned out & don't beat each other up. Daddy says that when they run together, Charlie & Bud put their heads up, tails go up & back, & they run side-by-side. Then you can tell that they are bros cuz they look so much alike side-by-side. Bud also snorts & horsie talks on a trail ride like Charlie does. Daddy is teaching Bud to stand still so he can get on his back. Also, to stand still when daddy says whoa (horsie talk to stop & stay). He has to learn these things like Charlie did when Mommy first got him. Charlie's anniversary with Mommy will be 3 years in May. Mommy & daddy went on a small trail ride last night after work. They saw lots of deer. One baby deer wanted to play wif the horsies. Bud did great. He has to learn to slow down his walk though. He walks faster than Charlie especially down hill. This was only his 2nd trail ride wif Charlie. They need to get more used to each other as trail buddies. Hopefully, if the weather holds out this weekend, there can be longer trail rides in the Park. Juni & I aren't allowed at the barn. We overhears the barn stuff when daddy talks to mommy.

Well, just wanted to keep woo all up-to-date & let woo all know that we are still around.

Til next time,


Monday, April 7, 2008

Charlie Horse's Family Reunion

It all started back during the week when mommy was recovering from her last surgery. A horsie friend, Nancy, called up very upset to tell mommy & daddy that her horsie suddenly died. She wanted to know if they knew anyone who was selling a horsie like mommy’s Charlie Horse. Daddy called up Charlie’s breeder. They had a Rocky Mt. little mare named Jody (half sister to Charlie wif the same father) who had a very giving personality. Mommy & daddy went with Nancy & her hubby to Ohio to where Charlie came from to see & ride Jody.

It was love at first sight. Nancy found her new trail buddy.

Daddy got to talking with mommy that he hasn’t enjoyed riding for well over a year cuz he hurts too much in the saddle when riding Cutter & if he wanted to continue to ride, he would have to change to a gaited horse. (The difference between a regular horse & a gaited horse: 1. regular horse trots & your body goes in an up-&-down motion, sometimes pretty rough depending on the horse; 2. on a gaited horse, like a Rocky Mt., the horse moves from side-to-side in a rocking very smooth motion which is easier on your legs & body, at least to the older, more mature horse folks!) He doesn’t hurt when he rides Charlie. Daddy & Charlie had some rides in the Park the weekend after Cutter left.

Sos they got to talking about finding a new home for his Cutter. Again, daddy called up Dan, Charlie’s breeder, to see if he heard about any other Rocky horsies for sale. Dan had in-training a Rocky gelding named Dustys B-Light & they call him Bud ( a full bruther to Charlie) who was also for sale.

Sos the Saturday of Easter weekend daddy & mommy went back to Ohio fur daddy to test ride Bud. Easter Sunday evening mommy sent an email to all of their trail riding club members that Cutter was for sale. Two days later daddy got a call that Cutter’s previous owners wanted him back. They had originally sold him to a friend who had wanted Cutter for his son. But the agreement was if it didn’t work out he would be returned to them. The person turned around & sold Cutter to daddy. These people told daddy that they had been wanting Cutter back & regretted ever letting him go to that other man. He had been with us for over 9 yrs. It turned out to be a happy ending cuz Cutter will live out his life on his previous home wif his own stall & pastures to kick up his heels in. Mommy did some major crying, we heard, when they came to trailer Cutter away. (Those spots are raindrops - it started to rain pretty hard when they loaded Cutter into the trailer.

Daddy, mommy, & Nancy left last Friday night to go pick up Bud & Jody. Saturday morning Nancy & daddy went out on a little ride with their new trail buddies in Ohio.

Daddy test-riding Bud in Ohio. Look at the big grin on his face on daddy's face! He said that his knees didn't hurt. Bud is shorter than Charlie & easier fur daddy to get up on him. He needs to put on a good bit of weight. The owner before Bud came back to the breeder only had him on grass feeding out in a field. He'll get lots of TLC from The Mullin Clan & our barn owners to get his weight where it should be.
They were back in Pittsburgh by 8:00pm. Jody is 10 yrs. old & older than Charlie by just a few months – she is a Spring horsie, where Charlie was born in the Fall. Bud will be turning 7 at the end of this month. While daddy & Nancy were getting Jody & Bud set up in their stalls in their new home, mommy gots to ride her Charlie around the property.

Sos, our mommy & daddy were just gone overnight. They returned very, very tired but full of hugs & kissies fur us. Then we put them to bed sos they could get some sleep.

Til next time,

-Cosmos & Juneau-

Friday, April 4, 2008


Hi-Woo EveryPuppy,

We just overheard that mommy & daddy are going away overnight to visit Charlie Horse's family in Ohio. AND, we are not invited to go. THAT IS SO NOT FAIR CUZ WE ARE PART OF THIS FAMILY, TOO!! We overheard that are hum-sis, Erin, will be spending the night wif us. Over the past couple of weeks a lot has been going on over here - on the horsie & neighs front - so we will let you know alls about it when we can get back on the puter.

Have a dry, great weekend (it is yucky raining here in PGH right now) & we will fill you in on The Mullin Clan's news as soon as we can.

Til next time,

-Cosmos & Juneau-