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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snickers Wuz Rescued!

We had a visitor yesterday at R house when mommy gots home. No it wasn't chocolate, sticky & nutty (we never tried one, but we heard mommy oohing & awwing while she wuz eating one)! When mommy gots out of her car & joined daddy (who wuz shoveling R walk & now it is covered all over again wif new snow, yipee!!!!), a young doggie came running down to them. She had a collar on her wif the name Snickers & a telephone number. She wuz running loose wif no owner in sight. Mommy told daddy to chain her up on the porch while she wuz trying to get the owners on the phone. After 2 calls they finally answered. The lady said that her & her husband just got home & that their doggie must have got out of the basement door cuz it didn't close right. Well if you knew R mommy, you would know that she wuz biting her tongue while hearing this frum the lady! You would think that these people would have made sure the house wuz locked tight when they would leave it & pecially so their doggie couldn't get out!!! The lady thanked R mommy & daddy fur finding & holding their Snickers. We are so glad that Snickers found her way to us cuz R neighborhood is near are 2 major busy intersections & a parkway where she could've gotten kilt!
Til next time,
-da boys, Cosmos & Juneau-

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Picture-less Saturday!

We're takin care of R mommy today. She had to see the doctor yesterday cuz she wuz feeling so yucky. You see - when R mommy gets a simple cold cuz she has asthma she needs to see the doctor fur them to help her to decide how to fight it. She has to use the mask & breathing machine all week end & not allowed to over exert herself. Sos we are not taking R eyes off of her. I am staying right beside her laying-down-chair in the living room. And, every once in a while the demon gets up on her lap to make sure she can't get up & move around too much. Daddy took her to see the horsies last night, but they came home not long after they left. Mommy asked daddy to turn around cuz she felt so lousy. We knows when mommy doesn't feel good -- when she turns down the opportunity to see the horsies!! Hopefully, after she breathes wif her machine again, she'll make it to see Bud & Charlie today fur a little while cuz it is sposed to be in Brrrr-puppy weather again tomorrow & we don'ts want her to leave the house when it is that cold!

Til next time,

-da Cos-

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Woos & Neighs Today!



-da boys, Cosmos & Juneau-

Pee Ess - You might hafta turn on the sound to get music by clicking on sound icon under the slideshow! (R mommy is so proud of herself that this turned out OK - she's having fun with her new puter.)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

R Waa-Waa (Water) Bed

Ahoy-Woo to all of our blawging friends!

Ahhhhhh this is the life!!!!!

Mommy & daddy one day woke up & decided that they were tired of waking up achy & stiff all the time (Mommy said that she is old, but not that old to feel so achy in the morning!). Sos they got out the yellow page book wif lot of stores in it. AND, they found the last store in PGH that still sells waa-waa beds. Up until 4 yrs. ago they always had a waa-waa bed. But when the last one sprung a great, big leak, they decided to try a regular mattress wif a pillow on top of it. It was spose to be comfy, but alas we would hear mommy saying that she missed having a waa-waa bed. So off to the store they went & that same day daddy put it together. AND AHHHH it is so nice to lay on & get all comfy - we sure approve of this new bed! Since it is heated, mommy doesn't have to go to bed wif socks on. Since they turn the heat down at night, mommy is all snug as a bug in her heated bed & all wrapped up wif her blankie; while daddy (the polar bear, hawoo!!!) sleeps wif the covers off of him! You shuld talk yur humes into getting waa-waa beds fur you. We even gets some time on the bed, too.

Til next time (Yawn!),

-da Cos-

Pee Ess - So far the laptop puter is behaving wif the a thingee in it called Vista. The other night mommy wuz so proud of herself cuz she strung this cord to her big puter & the other end to the lap one & copied files to her lap one. It must have worked cuz we didn't hear her saying or yelling any HBO words!

Keep warm - it's single digits in PGH - mommy hates it, but I like to do zoomies on the side run & we also got snow, YIPEE!!!!


Sunday, January 11, 2009


Psst - we knows that it is very, very late, but we gots a good reason still being up. We haven't had R chance on the puter to talks to you - all of R friends - and here is the reason why --

Last week R mommy got this new puter that sits in her lap. Since her upstairs puter is over 5 years old, mommy was afraid that sumthing might happen & she would lose all of R pics and stuff that she has typed. Sos she has been putting little circle things in her new puter to add stuff & just been hogging it & left no time fur us to paw a quick message to R blawging friends. We hopes that since she is keeping the new puter downstairs, we will have more time to talks to all of you.

We gotta go cuz we thinks we hear mommy moving around in the bedroom!

Talks to you soon,

-da Cos & Juneau-

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do Ya Know How I Feel!!

Hi-Woo EveryPuppy & Kittie,

Cosmos here! For all of U who have an annoying brother or sister, I bets U will sympathize wif me!

Last night "The Demon" gots into the margarine on the kitchen counter & ate sum b4 R Mommy caught him. And today, I have to be the ONE WHO SUFFERS AFTER THE FACT!!!

Mommy came home after work to a mess - that Demon's butt-end sploded b4 she gots home & even sprayed sum in my crate. It was HORRIBLE & AWFULLY SMELLY, TOO!!! Oh how I wished fur a stuffed nose!!! Did he stink! Well, Mommy left us out in the rain fur a bit hoping it would help to clean him. Daddy gots home frum work & he tackled R crates. Mommy cleaned "The Demon" all over wif left-over puppy wipes & then resorted to her hand wipes. I couldn't take it anymore wif the smell & I threw up - he made me do it!! Sos tonight we are getting cooked rice & boiled burger fur dinner (which I don't mind cuz that is my favorite) fur R upset tummies!

I hopes U-all had a great New Year's Eve! R daddy is a house doctor (a registered plumber & home remodeller). Unfurtunately on New Year's Day he had to spend most of it at 2 clients' houses cuz one didn't have heat & the other had a busted water pipe & a flood of water in his house. Sos we had a pretty quiet day & kept Mommy company till Dad came home. This is how we spent it - curled up in back of Mommy's chair while she watched girlie movies on TV.

Stay healthy all!

Til next time,

-da Cos-