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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Have A BooooooWooooofully Happy Halloween

Hi-Woo EveryPuppy & Other Friends,
Have a BoooooWoooooofully Safe & Happy Halloween!! We hopes you get lots of treats & not alot of tricks!!!!
From Your Buds,
Cowboy Cosi
The Masked Zorro-Pup (or Z-Pup Juni)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm a Lean, Spiffy (not Mean), Siber-ific Machine!

Hi Woo All!
I've been workin & sweatin up a storm wif mommy a couple-a times a week. I'm getting in shape & muskleing up! How do you like my sweat headband? Don't I just look great in blue wif my blue eyes? I'm keeping in shape fur my gal, Summer. When we do someday get to meet, I want to look my best fur her.

Mommy & I are workin out to this guy called Richard Simmons. This guy just flits all over the video. And, you do really, really sweat to the songs that are on it. Lucky for me I have my blue sweat headband on. I don't know why they call the songs oldies cuz they are new to me, humes go figger!!

Oh-woo, I'm am all tuckered out. That was quite a work-out.

Til next time,

-da Cos-

Pssssst - Doesn't da Cos look just like a doofus in mommy's headband, haroo! I think so!! Gotta go, I hear Cosi comin back into the office where we keeps the puter in our house. Ta Ta -Juni-

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Da Boy of Deconstruction!

Hiya EveryPuppy & Other Friends,

Being a true Sibe & not lookin straight at mommy fur the picture!

Well, me helping mommy by pulling off wallpaper in the breakfast room (why do they call it that cuz mommy, daddy & Josh eat snaxs & lunch & dinner in there, too?!?) really paid off! Daddy decided it was time to get the rest of the wallpaper off which was higher than Cosi & me could pull down & give the room a new look fur mommy. Daddy even let me come in & help.

Lookee at what we have been doin!

It isn't finished yet. Daddy has to stain the lower part of the walls & paint the upper.

Daddy custom-built that cabinet fur our mommy BC&J (way-way before Cosi & me)

Fur now our crates are in the living room cuz when daddy starts to stain & paint, he muttered sumthing about flying fur until it dries! Dontcha think our fur would add a little of decoration (our "ME" look!) to the newly remodeled room, me thinks so, haroo!! Hmmmmm, Now if Josh would only leave us the remote control so we can watch TV while they are at work!

Til next time all!

-da Juneau-

Pee Ess - When I got my turn at the Wubba, sadly I must admit, that I kilt it. It was so far gone that not even Dr. Mommy culd fixer-it-up again!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dr. Mommy!

Hi-Woo EveryPuppy & Other Friends!

Our mommy has another title, Dr. Mommy. She has a bunch of stuffies in her bedroom that we are not allowed to play with. Based on what we did (that is Juneau did) to our Wubba which only lasted about 2 days -- I don't blame her! Mommy's stuffie, Beethoven, was loosing his stuffins & mommy had to use her expertise in sewing to surgically put Beethoven & his stuffins back where it belongs. He really was a sick stuffie!

See he's all better & back next to his, bud, Scooby-doo!

Now, get back to the Wubba - we heard so much how all of you puppers enjoyed playing wif yur Wubbas that we pawed mommy until she got us one. I, da Cos, got to play wif it first! When I let the "demon youngin" get his turn - he kilt it! I finally found a job for Juneau to do - doggie toy testing. If it survives him playing wif them - they are durable!

There are no pics of Juneau. He hasn't been very cooperative lately. He just doesn't stay still long enough fur mommy to snap the picture. Oh, he's sploding again all over the house. I guess I'll be next.

Everyone in our house is doing good, including the horsies, Bud & Charlie. Mommy & daddy just got their flu shots this week & so did the horsies.

Til next time!

-da Cos-