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Friday, October 26, 2007

Juneau Update!

Mommy called our vet at 12:00. He's was pretty quiet there over night. He hasn't had his procedure yet, but his pre-surgery blood work came back all good & normal. They said that he has been resting & quiet (unbelievable!!) & they did give him a little pre-surgery relaxing meds, too. They'll probably be taking him in mid-afternoon. Mommy will be posting updates. They said to call around 5:00 & he should be coming home tonight.

Last night, Josh stayed home wif me while mommy & daddy took Juneau to our vets. I gots upset cuz I got a little worried - will he be coming home fur sure?!?! We had a young 1 yr. old Sibe, Gabi, before Juneau that mommy & daddy had fur about 6 months & had to give back to the breeder cuz she had major issues. I'm so used to living wif a companion & then she was gone & my stomach started to act up cuz I was upset that I was alone. Mommy & daddy got me Juneau that I would grow up wif & not be alone. Mommy did keep assuring me that Juneau will be OK & he will probably be coming home tonight. I slept by her side of the bed all night. Every once in a while when she woke up, she gave me a pet. I ate honey nut cheerios alone this morning fur breakfast. Boy, I can't believe myself, I usually crave for some quiet time, BUT WIFOUT THE LITTLE GUY AROUND IT IS JUST TOO QUIET!!! YIKES, THE LIL DEMON PUPPY HAS GROWN ON ME!!!

Further updates will be posted as we hear.



Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I am so glad that Juneau has made it through his fixing! I know what you mean about being lonely without him. That's how I always feel when Kat's not here. I actually miss her bossiness!


Lacy said...

woofies Cosmos and Juneau!!! it b ok cosmos, juneau b home b4 u nos it...mite b a little while b4 u cans plays ruff but it not b that long...

b safe,

Kapp pack said...

Awww....Cosi....Juneau will be ok and just think he'll have been "fixed" and be better than ever. So sorry to hear your tummy got upset!

WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

Princess Eva and Brice said...

We hate to be apart from each other, too. If one of us has to go to the vet alone, the other just lays by the front door waiting. Its never fun to be seperated. But don't worry, Cosmos, Juneau will be back and ready to play soon! We did add you guys to our friends list. Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Bama said...

Oh Cosi, we're all so sorry you're sad, we're the same way if one of us has to go to the vet without the rest of the pack, but he'll be home soon & you'll have your own personal chew toy back. We've all got our paws crossed for a speedy recovery for the puppyhead, give him licks from all of us when he gets home.
Bama & the RHP
How's your mommy feeling these days, now that she's able to eat regular food again & go for rides with her Charley Horse?

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

I'm wooing over here for Juneau!

The Daily Echo said...

Poor you Cosmos! And Poor Juneau because he probably looks like a lamp right now. Good thing Halloween is coming. We hope he's home. I guess he won't seem quite so annonying now.

Anonymous said...

We hope you get better soon Juneau!

Maddox said...

Juneau Juneau...

If you need to talk about it, man, I'm here.

It gets better, I promise. Got stitches?


Khady Lynn said...

How is Juneau doing? I hope he is feeling better very very soon! Is he getting plenty of cookies?


Joe Stains said...

we are hoping only the best for Juneau. try not to worry too much!