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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mommy’s Home from the Hospital!

Mommy came home yesterday! Oh-Woo, we were so happy to see her. She sat in a chair just in case we got a little more carried away than we shoulda’ve because we were so glad to see her. But we were good & gave her lots of wet smoochies! Her surgery went well, a little longer than the surgeon had thought it would. Her TMJ replacement joint had a lot of loose screws & took a while to get out. But, all went well & now our mommy is on the road to recovery. She has to eat smushy food & is not allowed to chew. I see dad bought her pudding, ice cream, hot fudge, whip cream, jello (you know the good stuff that she likes!). Plus, he is going to make her meatballs & meatloaf which she can mush down. Today she had chicken soup & a big matzah ball. The left side of her face is very swollen & is a lot of pretty colors. Our Erin helped mommy in the shower today & washed her hair. She said that she feels so much better. They did a kitty-scan of her face yesterday & a model will be made up of her left side of her jaw. When the model gets approved it will be sent to a company in California who make her joint. It may be ready before Thanksgiving or right afterwards. Whenever it is ready, then she will go back in to the hospital & have it put in. Her spirits are up & we are helping her to make her laugh. I’ve got some red blood marks on my face. That Juneau has used me as his living teething toy, the nerve!!

I’ll do an update real soon. I’m sure when mommy feels better, out will come the camera to catch new pics of Juneau & me.


Russell said...

get well so mully mom


Kapp pack said...

Glad to hear your mommy is doing okay. Give her lots of gentle kisses and snuggle with her lots!!!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Maddox said...

Maybe she would like some mushed up kibble. That is very tasty! I love it! Am glad she is home, and you are all there to make her feel loved. Just don't make her laugh too much. It sounds like that might hurt. Ouchy.

Maddox the sore pup (and Shelby but she's upstairs now)

The Daily Echo said...

We're so glad Mom is home where she belongs. We were all thinking of her and sending those great Sibe Vibes her way. Mom liked the idea of hot fudge and whipped cream. That must be yummy people food. Be nice to Mom and don't knock her over. Maybe she'd like to play with some of your toys.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We're glad your mom is home safe and sound. I think a life of ice cream for all my meals sounds great!


The Husky in the Window said...

We are happy that mom is back home and doing well. You'all have to keep her happy and give her lots of kisses.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear your mom is home from the hospital and is doing well. Keep us posted on her progress!

Unknown said...

We are so happy your Mom is home and that you are taking care of her! We are sending lots of healing licks her way!

Bama said...

We're so glad you're mommy's home and doing well, we've been thinking bout her all week, and wondering how she was doing, so thanks for taking time to give us an update.
Bama & the RHP
PS, does your mom like avocado's? Our mom has a grrrreat avocado soup recipe you fix in the blender...tell her if she's interested to email mom at hans822 at bellsouth dot net

Khady Lynn said...

I'm glad everything went so well! I sure hope your mom heals soon. But hey, all the ice cream, pudding and jello you can eat is not necessarily a BAD thing!!


The Army of Four said...

We're so glad your mom is home! We hope she's doing great - we're sure you guys are being TREMENDOUS helps!
Hey ... when the did the cat scan ... did they find one? Hee hee hee!