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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You are a Husky Luver if You Don't Mind --

Howdy Friends (both 2-legged & 4-legged)!

Marlene, here - (with Cosi & Juni helping out). Well, Cosmos has decided that it is his time to "splode" all over the house. Why couldn't he time it with Juneau?!?! But, no, he had to be different, ha ha! I must say, that Furminator does work well (as shown above). Cosi hates to get brushed, especially near his hind end. He is a 2-people furminating Sibe! Having this great breed of dogs for over 32 years (but I do love all other breeds, too), you can say that my family is a Husky Luver!
Like following Jeff Foxworthy's 'You are a Redneck," I give you:
1. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind hunks of fur continuously all over your nicely swept house!
2. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind them going at breakneck speed doing "zoomies" all over the house (just move out of the way!).
3. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind hunks of fur falling out as they do "zoomies" all over the house!
4. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind them wooing & telling you what to do!
5. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind them swimming in their water bowl & then laying in the overturned water (but mommy it feels so good - wuv ya - Juni!)
6. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind them being finicky eaters (oh-woo mommy, I do eat later than sooner sumtimes - wuv ya, too - Cosi!)
7. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind hunks of fur falling out of coats as 2 or more wrestle with each other! (it is soooo much fun chasing each other!).
8. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind getting dressed for work in dark slacks, leaving the house & finding out that you are taking some of Cosi & Juni with you because you forgot to use the lint/husky fur remover before you stepped out of the door.
9. You are a Husky luver if you don't mind them surfing the counter (we don't leave food out & if we do it goes into the microwave) - I don't tolerate it in our house but I know when they have tried to see what is on the counter.
10. And lastly, you are a Husky luver if you don't mind that in practically every room you have a lint/husky fur remover for those times during fur blowing their coat season.
I just love my boys (even though they wear me out before they are ready to take naps themselves) & wouldn't change them for the world!!
Take care,
(now off to sweep my house, ha ha!)


Lacy said...

w00f's Juni and Cosmos, heehee it cood go fur rocky too, he iz shedding sooooo bad rite now...all the fur he's lost, u cood make another doggy out of...

b safe,

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Woo got it!

All that AND more!!

Thanks fur stopping in and saying hi!!!

Hope all is well in 'that' part of the state!!!!

PeeEssWoo: Thanks fur the kind words about the weird people I live with AND am related to!

Princess Eva and Brice said...

We love huskies too!!! Dad says he doesn't know what it's like to have a fur-free or dog-spit-free day

Princess Eva

♥♥♥♥Team Husky♥♥♥♥ said...

To my handsome boyfriend Cosi

Oh my....you are losing lots of your beewootiful hair!!! I wish I could have a sniff of it to see what woo smell like.


sharkgila said...

So true! Each and every one of them!
All that fur pales to the joy of having them.

Jack & Moo said...

Great list!
Humom says we got 10 out of 10 correct!
Our humans qualify as husky lovers too.
(But we already knew that, didn't we?) ;-)

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo

The Army of Four said...

But... not that there's anything WRONG with any of that - right!?!? Ha roo roo roo.
Play bows,
PS: We used to have a microwave. Then Surfer Dave got here and we have a food safe - the appliance formerly known as a microwave. :)

Ferndoggle said...

I think I'm part Sibe...lots of those things apply to me too!


The Brat Pack said...


Although I think Bear is as bad as Thrawn ever was!


Joe Stains said...

holy cow that fur pile is bigger than me!!!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Excellent list! My mom really liked it although I don't see anything wrong with any of those items.


One Little Birdie said...

you know we are husky lovers here! and GSD lovers too, of course. That list was right on. And Shiloh has been 'splodin' for about two months now!

Princess Patches said...

We know ALL about it! The books say Airedales don't shed, but our mom knows that whoever wrote the books is just stupid. We have tumbleweeds in our house all the time. We even get furminated and STILL have Aire-hair everywhere!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Amici said...

All very true. :) We're glad to hear that your crew slops into the water dish as much as Amici does. We tell our family/friends that he is a Saint Bernard in disguise when he drinks his water.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Whoa! I have heard of the furminator, and that sure is a lot of fur! I hope my mom does not get any ideas and get one to use on me!

Khady Lynn said...

Our mom often takes bits of us to work with her. She finds our fluff in the most strange places. Like her keyboard at work!