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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Czar Edric’s Ashley (1978 - ?)

After starting my own blog page from Cosmos’ viewpoint when it is about the goings on in our home & bringing up puppy, Juneau, I got nostalgic about some of my other great 4-legged family members. I got out my step stool & pulled out the old photo albums. Looking back over the years (& there are many of them!), I saw how these furry companions were not just mere dogs, but a part of our family. Each made a special place in my heart & the hearts of my family. I wanted to place an “In Memory” section in my blog pages.

Since I had lived in an apartment all my life, there was always someone home in the building when I was alone. When Joel & I got our first house & he had to work evenings, every little squeak or knock got me worried. So, we decided to get a dog. I had fallen in love with Siberian Huskies. I read thoroughly about them. Since we had a large fenced-in backyard which would be ideal, we got our first little fuzz-ball Sibe, Ashley. Of course, his coat was the color of ashes. He thought I was his true mom. Ashley wouldn’t go outside unless I was with him. If I went back indoors, he would sit & howl. My next door neighbor had jokingly called me to ask what I was doing with him. The minute I went outside, he would stop like you turned off a switch. I was not afraid to stay in the house alone. He was my best buddy. But, he had a very possessive streak when it came to me. Someone could not pat me on the back without him growling. He never bit anyone who came to visit to our house. Friends of Joel’s would come in & wrestle with him on the floor. He turned out to be a huge guy. On Saturdays, Joel would get up early & go to work. That was Ashley's que to jump on the bed & would cuddle up with me & lay his head on Joel's pillow. During the time that he was with us, we never had an opportunity to have him around any babies or young children. Since we had both worked, we decided to get him a Siberian companion. We adopted Clover. She was just 1 year older than him. They became the best of friends. Though my house looked liked a river ran through it the first week or two. Our vet told us that when go into fights to spray water on them to break it up. It worked! Also, we had to put away their toys. Clover did not know how to share. They became wrestling companions & each other’s chew toy. The day we brought my daughter home from the hospital, Ashley lunged at her while she was in Joel’s arms. We could not trust him in the house anymore, because he would get extremely upset when the baby would start crying. Ashley put his teeth through Joel’s hand when he went to let him outside one day. The next day, he had to leave. It was like saying good-bye to my furry child, but there was no question that we had to do it. We had to take him to the humane society. Animal Friends, a no-kill shelter did not have the room. Joel kept very close tabs on him. He had specified no young children or babies for those considering adopting him. He was adopted within 2 weeks.

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