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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


It has been a tough week for me. On Monday I started part-time. It felt so weird for me starting work at 9:30am & leaving the office at 1:30. I’ve been working full-time for ages. I’ve applied at more positions at the University. It is going so slow. I had another phone interview Monday afternoon. Hope that they call me for an interview. One of the positions that I interviewed for has not been filled yet. What are they waiting for, call me! Went in on Monday & my boss decided to be in “power mode” & decided to make it a bashing session for me right at my desk which is out in the open for the whole floor to hear. The director of my building told me to see her side of this. Some supervisors cannot handle too well making hard decisions like, for instance, the changes in my position, so I should not let her little tirade get to me. Bullsh-t, if she can’t handle being a supervisor, then you don’t get in the position of being one. Got my blood pressure taken that night. Boy, was it high again. Played a lot with Cosi & Juneau when I got home & got to ride & play with Charlie at the barn.

Tuesday I got up thinking, what’s going to happen today at work?!?! Thankfully, it was a quiet day. Applied for another position. Well two weeks from today I will have my 1st jaw surgery. Am pretty scared about that! I will see my surgeon on Thursday. It was the concensus of my dentist, my old surgeon (who defected to Ohio 7 years ago), & Big Ben’s (The Steeler) surgeon (who put his face back together after his motorcycle accident), that I have the “best” doctor/surgeon who’ll take good care of me. I don’t doubt that, but it doesn’t help my nerves any. I had hoped that in my lifetime, I wouldn’t have to go through with this again.

And, I get to today, Wednesday. On the way to work I was making a left hand turn onto the street where my parking lot is. Just as I finished turning onto the street, a fire truck is coming right at me in my lane with his lights & siren on. I started to back up to turn up through the intersection to get out of his way because there wasn’t a car in back of me, & then, there was this car banging into my side between my door & the front bumper. Luckily, I wasn’t hurt & my car didn’t get banged too hard. But, I was shaking so hard. A policeman (couldn’t tell if he was a campus police or PGH police) told me that I was all right (Gee, thanks!) & my car was all right & I was in the right to back up to get out of the fire truck’s way. He told me that he gave the other car some paper to write up their information so we could exchange what we needed. Before I could get his name & badge #, he left.

Sorry, my ranting is so long. I feel that there is a black cloud over my head right now. I am fine & will be fine. (Just won’t have my blood pressure checked today, ha-ha!) I’ve got my family, Cosi & Juneau (who really give me so much joy by being with them & following their antics), and my horses (they have seen me through a lot of down times, too). I will get through these surgeries – just think how skinny I will be again on my hot fudge sundae diet!!!! AND, I will eventually get another job before project money runs out next March where I presently am. Got to take one day/step at a time. Joel, my hubby, can tell you, though, that I am not a patient person – I want things done yesterday. Already picked what I want to do on October 1 (the day before my surgery). I want Joel & me to go out on a nice, long trail ride. I don’t care if it rains (well sorta, but if it does, we’ll wear rain slickers!), and I want to go to the Springfield Grill. Oh, this place makes outstanding crab cakes, like really YUMMY!

I especially want to thank all of Cosi's & Juneau’s & my blawging buddies. I enjoy talking & commenting with all of you. I really look forward to getting on to the computer & checking up with all of you. At least if my jaw is sore while recuperating, my fingers can type & talk to all of you. Thanks for being there.



IndyPindy said...

Sorry you had a bad week and your supervisor is a jerk.

And hey, I'm a BOY!

Bama said...

Bama's mom here, we're all so sorry you're having to go through all of this! I can sympathize completely, my job of 10 1/2 years ended last week, Citigroup bought my company & promptly decided to close our office.
Then one of my top front crowns broke on Saturday, I've spent 6 hours in the dentist over the last 3 days getting it fixed so I don't LOOK like a redneck, even if I are one.
One of my best friends in the world passed away last Tuesday, 9/11, and he was the most patriotic person I've ever known,so the date was especially ironic. Long story short, I completely understand that "black cloud" thing, and our prayers and good wishes are with you and your pack (do horses count as pack members?) Tell that "supervisor" he doesn't want all of Cosi & Juneau's blogging buddies to show up with claws sharpened, so he better be nice! We'll be thinking of you, and hoping all turns out for the best!
Best wishes for sunny days,

The Army of Four said...

Hey .... maybe some of us rough and tumble types should band together and come rough up that supervisor for you. What do you think? I just have to ask my mommymommymommy if I can come. Really. As long as it doesn't require me to get my feety-feet wet, I'm there!

Kapp pack said...

Awww....Cosi and Juneau give your mom lots of kisses and help her to feel better! We're pulling for you and your frustrations are completely understood!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Bama said...

PS, we've come up with a new game, The Nickname Game (at least we think it's new...) Check out our last blog and play with us!
Bama & the RHP

Ferndoggle said...

Hey Marlene, sometimes it feels like when it rains, it pours, huh? Keep your chin up and things will all work out. You have a great outlook but sometimes it feels good just to have a big old b*tchfest!!

Never been to the Springfield Grill, but I do love me some crab cakes. Willow is right next to my office & has me totally spoiled!

Go give those boys a big hug & let them cheer you up!!

Hang in there.


Anonymous said...

Woo Marlene,

We are sorry your week has not been the best of weeks. We are glad that you can rant to all of us here!!!

Hugs and positive thoughts!
Sitka, Tia and Shelli

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Sorry you're having a rough week. Good thing you have two huskies! Our mom says that always cheers her up.

Steve and Kat

PS. Feel free to rant whenever!! :-)

The Daily Echo said...

Woo. We're so sorry you having such a crummy time. But we're grateful that your dr won't be working on your fingers. We would miss you.