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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Raining Puppies & Kitties & Cosmos Musings

As soon as mommy came home from work, she let me out of my crate & told me to hurry cuz she wanted to let me outside before it started to rain harder. I HATE RAIN! When it rains mommy says, “It’s raining puppies & kitties!” I don’t know why cuz I watch where I walk so I don’t step on any, but, all that happens is that I get wet. I don’t like the loud booming noise or flashes of light either. Boy, did I haveta go! I’ll wait until it stops to go out again. I’m a big Husky so I can hold it, I hope!

Daddy called mommy to let her know that he would be a little late coming home from work cuz it was raining & they wouldn’t be able to go out on a trail ride with the horses. When they go out to the barn, he will attach the horse trailer to his truck & take it to the place where they will inspect it. I’m luckier than the horses! When I go bye-byes for a ride, I get to be in the car either in my crate or on the seat beside them. Mommy stays in the back seat to be wif me. But, I rather take her front seat & sit beside daddy, tee-hee!!

Mommy told me that they will bringing home a Sibe puppy to grow up to be my buddy on Saturday. She is all excited. She says that I will be a big help with him. You betcha! He’s going to be housebroke real quick cuz I like my bedtime beauty sleep! He’ll hafta listen to me, won’t he, cuz I will be the big brother!!


One Little Birdie said...

We are sure that you are gonna be the bestest big brother. You were an excellent little brother to us and always will bein our hearts. We can't wait to see pictures of that puppy and you playin together!

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

When I'm president I'm banning lightning and thunder!

Paige said...

Good luck gettin those youngsters to listen to you....they can by noisey and stubborn! And sometimes the bipeds get all gushy over them cause they are "cute" and stuff. Don't worry.....the cuteness wears off at 3am when they gotta pee and you don't:)


The Brat Pack said...

You're SO lucky to be getting a Sibe brother!! WOW!

Sorry we're late in commenting, we couldn't find the link to your blog anywhere and finally found it again tonight! We were pretty sad but glad we found you!

Do you have any pics of the puppy yet???

The Brat Pack