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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Cutter is a 17-year old, 15.2 hands Quarter Horse. He joined our family in February 1999. After Joel finished test riding him, Cutter put his head over Joel’s shoulder & snuggled with him as if to say, “Take me home & we’ll be great partners.” He knew who the softie of the family was! Joel more or less got into horses so I would have someone to ride with on the trails. I do not ride alone. But, Cutter is Joel’s boy through & through. Yes, I have even caught Joel giving Cutter a few smooches on his nose - but don’t say I said so! In the beginning, Cutter had some wee little problems that had to be dealt with. One of them was rearing when Joel started to mount him; another was taking off when Joel put his foot in the stirrup. Joel & Cutter had discussions during that period over what was acceptable Mullin horse behavior. Cutter came to realize that those little behavior quirks were not going to continue. The most horrible time that we had to live through was when Cutter came down with the Strangles. We thought we were going to lose him. At one point, it was touch & go. Joel & Cutter really bonded during the time of his illness. He has turned into an awesome riding buddy for Joel. If he wasn’t such a great horse, our trailer would have come back with 2 Rocky Mt. Horses when we added Charlie to our family 2 years ago. Joel & Cutter still have their discussions from time-to-time, but Joel likes it when Cutter is showing some spirit & does his ‘happy-hops.’ Cutter loves to be with his best buddy, Norris. On a trail ride he tolerates Charlie. Charlie can rub his head on Cutter’s tail & doesn’t get kicked. But when Charlie, Norris & Cutter are in turn-out, Cutter bullies my Charlie. He gets jealous when Norris pays attention to him. He is just telling the little ‘whipper-snapper’ who is boss!

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