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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


One of the 4 "hack" horses that we leased in October 1998 from Rolling Hills Ranch in Bridgville, PA, was a 14.2 hand Appaloosa named Norris. He was supposed to have been Joshua's horse. One evening Josh asked me if I wanted to give Norris a try. The first time I sat on his back he acted like a goof-ball. I got off & gave him back to Josh. Norris had more spirit & stubborness (definitely he fits right in with our family, ha-ha!) than the horse that I usually rode at RHR. The next night, I asked Josh if I could give Norris another try. That was it Norris became my boy! Josh started riding one of the other horses that we had leased named Calvin. From that day on, Norris & I were a team. In April 1999, I bought Norris from Rolling Hills Ranch. He looked out for the 2 of us on the trail. I know that this horse loved me. The whole time I rode him he never bucked or threw me off. Sometimes I would be too much in his mouth. It was as if he knew that I was a fearful rider & he put up with me. He always knew when he was being really stubborn & not listening. That was when I got off & Joel got on. Norris would give me a look then look back at Joel with an expression on his face as if to say, "Boy, I'm in for it now!" He is now around 26+ years young. We have semi-retired him. When he does go out on the trail with Joel, Josh, or a friend, he is still an awesome sure-footed boy & full of 'giddy-up & go!' I haven't ridden him on the trails for about 3 years. At my time of life (yep, the years are creeping up slowly), I need a riding buddy who is a little calmer, more laid back, & doesn't have the sudden, quick movements that Norris has. Norris knows that mommy still loves him though. She takes care of him & gives him lots of rubs & treats. But I do it now from the ground, rather than on his back.

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Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Hey Cosmos and Juneau, we saw some horses on our grandpa's farm. I don't know if they wanted to play with us, but I sure wanted to play with them!!