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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sleeping on the Bed

Hi-Woo Every-Puppy & 2-Legged Friends,

Oh-woos, I didn’t know that answering in “My Favorite Places to Sleep” would have so many comments!!! True, I don’t sleep on the bed at night. And, yep-roo, mommy doesn’t like doggy fur on her bed. But, Juneau & I do get to snuggle & play wif mommy & daddy on it & get hugs & scratches. Sumtimes, I get to take a nap wif them. Juneau sleeps in a crate in the bedroom. (During the day he has the crate next to me in the breakfast room.) He can’t have run of the room cuz he’ll chew up everything. There is a phone in the bedroom, too! (He chewed the living room phone up, too, after knocking down the gate in the kitchen the other day - naughty Juneau has a phone-fetish!! That makes #2.) When they leave the bedroom door open, I do rather like to go downstairs to the breakfast room & sleep in my crate. It’s where I have my quiet time (when Juneau leaves me alone from me being his living chew toy!). Also, the bathroom’s tile floor is cooler to sleep on than the rug.
‘Til next time,



MaPaw said...

We do not sleep on the bed either, there are just too many of us. My sister likes to sleep on the cool tile floor in the kitchen, but the rest of us like our folded blankets on the floor.

Ferndoggle said...

I guess I forgot you're a husky. Us Boxers don't have very many furs to keep us warm so we LOVE to snuggle in Mommy's blankets.

I'm lucky she's so nice.


The Husky in the Window said...

Oh Cosmos, us furries do shed, don't we. Mom finds fun upstairs, and we don't go upstairs. We're not allowed on the furniture either. Me and Missy have a "dog sofa" in our room, and the rest of the time we like the cool tile floor. I understand about you being treated like a living chewey. MayaMarie thinks I'm one too! And then when I bark or squeak at her she thinks it's funny. Enjoy your quite time in your own crate. Missy.

Hey Juneau, I have a crate too! I ate a dog bed, a spatula, and the cable remote. Mom and the vet do not want any more emergency visits, so I have to be in my "safe crate" when no one is home. What's a pup to do. Just grab that fully tail and make them squeak.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Khady Lynn said...

Samuel is the only one who actually likes to sleep in the bed with the humans. Some of the rest of us take turns on the spare bed, or I have my own matress in the basement. At least you are allowed on the bed for snuggles and cuddles!


The Daily Echo said...

Only Meeka gets to "rest" on Mom & Dad's bed but only until the news is done. They invited me once but Mom mentioned something about a disaster and the Titanic. I'm not sure what that is but I think she was annoyed about how much I was jumping around. They have a waterbed and it MOVES!

Kapp pack said...

I don't sleep on the bed anymore (the closet has always been my favorite anyway). Its just too hard to get up there as I get closer to being a senior.

Kelsey Ann