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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Juneau - Phone Home

Mommy did her usual routine with us this morning (daddy couldn’t help cuz he is still going to physical therapy early in the mornings to get strength back in the arm where he had surgery) – woke up around 6:30am when she heard Juneau whining, took us out to our side run, put Juneau back in the crate in the bedroom for 40 more minutes of laying down, timer went off and took Juneau down to give him breakfast, let us out again to pee and poop, & then blocked us in the kitchen to play with our toys while she went upstairs to shower and dress for work. When she leaves us blocked in the kitchen with puppy gates, she always walks around to make sure that the room is puppy-proof. But she forgot something – Juneau has grown much since he came to live wif us & he jumps higher. Was she surprised when she came downstairs! Look what she found. Can you guess what Juneau was doing by the pictures?

Yep-roo, Juneau had jumped up and got the phone cord of our wall phone off the high counter where mommy keeps it. He used the part of the phone that mommy and daddy hold and talk through for a chew toy.

Maybe he wanted to phone his brothers and sisters to tell them that he likes his new home wif us and that we are taking great care of him!

And maybe not - Juneau is in tr-roo-ble again!!!!


One Little Birdie said...

Mom is certainly glad that it was not you, Cos, who did that bad thing. You are a very good boy! Puppies sure don't know any better. Shiloh has a thing for shoes and cell phones, tho.

Kapp pack said...

see,I told you those puppies are a handful!

-Kelsey Ann

Anonymous said...

ha roo!!! Way to go! I love the redecorating you did to the telephone :)

The Husky in the Window said...

Oh Cosmos, your little brother and I could cause some excitement togehter. Look out world! You are not match for us husky pups!

Cosmos, it's Missy, keep an eye out, he'll get you blamed for things. You have to learn to tell on him. When MayaMarie does something bad, I appear by Mom like I want something and then bring her to the crime scene.

MayaMarie and Missy

The Army of Four said...

This is why God made the Siberian Husky so cute. Look at Juneau's little FACE! There is NO punishing that little angel.
Tail wags,
PS: I love puppies! And I did all the training of Amber and Zimmie myself!

The Daily Echo said...

Now that's a pupster that's gonna be just like ME! You go Juneau! If you're interested in giving him private lessons to sharpen those mischievous skills, send him my way.
P.S. Check out my Blog.....I've tagged you!

Khady Lynn said...

Hey everydog! I have tagged you for a new game! Stop over at my blog for details!

Love the phone cord! That was great work Juneau!