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Monday, July 9, 2007


Mommy had a little procedure done at the doctor's office today. She was feeling very yucky & sore, but she is OK. Daddy said that she shouldn't go play wif the horsies for a couple of days until she starts to heal. She has me & Juneau to keep her busy cuz we know she misses the other big guys, too. She even got down on the floor & held & cuddled wif me. She said that I'm still her best big boy! I stayed around her in case she needed me.Woo-Oops - Mommy just noticed that her date set is off on her camera. Also, sometimes her blogs are delayed a couple of days until she has time to type for me. Taking care of me & Juneau plus going to work takes up a lot of her time. That's OK cuz she still has time for us.


The Daily Echo said...

Oh woo. We hope Mom feels better soon.

One Little Birdie said...

Cosi, we know that you'll take good care of mom. We hope she feels better soon