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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Matzo Balls!

Matzo Balls, Matzo Balls - We wuv them Matzo Balls & Chickie Soup!

When mommy had her first surgery, she started thinking ahead about what whe would be allowed to eat - you know, things that could be smooshed down so she wouldn't hafta chew! Well, she doesn't like to make chicken soup, but she does like matzo balls. So she made a batch of matzo balls & used can chickie broth to keep them in.

Daddy took mommy to see her surgeon today. He was really pleased that her ouchy boo-boo on the side of her face was healing so well. She has been using her mouth exerciser just like she was s'pose to. She can open her mouth, in spite of not having a left TMJ joint in, a little better than when the last replacement joint was ever in. Her doctor said that she can start to eat everything that she wants as she can tolerate. She has to stay away from anything really crunchy & hard, such as raw carrots & nuts. He also told her that she could ride Charlie Horse. Daddy didn't tell him that he had already helped her up on Charlie & she rode him just around on the stable's property. But now she has the OK from him to go riding on the trails. She is looking forward to that this weekend, weather permitting. It is s'pose to rain on Saturday, so she'll just exercise Charlie on the property. On Sunday, before the Stiller game (mommy will program the DVR to record the kick-off for daddy in case they get home a little late) daddy said that he'll take mommy on the trails cuz the weather is spose to be clear wif no rain (time will tell!).

Mommy shared some of her matzo balls wif us for our dinner.

This was the first time that we ever had matzo balls wif chickie soup. It was so yummy. Juneau & I made all gone.

After mommy & daddy went to play wif the horsies, daddy surprised mommy by taking her to the Longhorn Restaurant (we weren't invited, the nerve!). He ordered an appetizer & shared a rack of ribs wif her. The manager of the restaurant asked them if their order was OK. Daddy told them that they were celebrating & that this was the first smush-free meal that mommy has eaten since her surgery. He also asked the manager to tell the cooks a thank you for him cuz the ribs were so tender, mommy was able to eat them wif no problem. The manager told them to save room for dessert cuz they were on him. That was very nice of him! Mommy was so excited that she could eat the ribs. She said that it 'hit the right spot' in her tummy!

Mommy's next surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4. The surgeon said to make it after Thanksgiving so this way she can have turkey with all the yummy sides (even though she will have to cook again this year, but daddy helps). Also, by then her new TMJ joint should be built & back in PGH ready for him to put in.


The Army of Four said...

You guys must be taking really good care of your mama! That's so cool that she's doing so well!!!
I've never had a matzo ball, but from what I've heard, I need to send Mom a mind-meld message to make some. They sound wonderful!
Tail wags,

Bama said...

Woo are so lucky, we're tellin mom we want Matzo Balls! Glad your mommy got to enjoy some real food, even if they didn't take you two. She must have a really understanding doc to wait til after Thanksgiving for her next surgery, our mouths are already watering thinkin bout turkey, stuffin, gravy.....YUM!
Bama & the RHP

MONA, JACKS & TOBY TOO !! said...


We were just reading our friend, MayaMarie's, blog and read your comment. The Mommy loves horses almost as she does us dachsies. We are 3 rescue dogs that the Mommy adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston. The Mommy is a foster pawrent for DROH, so we always have one foster with us all the time. We gots Evander right now.

Come & visit us somtime. We'd like to be friends.

Nice talking to you....Mona, Jacks, Toby & for now Evander too!!

The Husky in the Window said...

Sounds really good for your Mom. And you'all got matza balls too! Looks like you cleand your dishes.

Thanks for the well wishes for MayaMarie. Oh, Cosi, wait till you hear this. The vet told mom last night she was doing well, but she kept biting at the bandages on her paws so they put that lampshade collar on her, and she'all probably have to wear it at home too. I can't wait to see this. I bet Juneau gets one too.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow those balls do look good. We are glad your mom is doing so great.

Steve and Kat

Joe Stains said...

We are so happy that your mommy is allowed to eat and rider her horses again, this is exciting. Most exciting is you getting those matzo balls!!

Amici said...

We're glad your Mom is healing so well. Those matzo balls looked good. I've never had one but they looked yummy.

we hope your Mom keeps recovering well. We'll be thinking of her in Dec.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

You two are doing a gretat job keeping your mom on the track to getting better. That was very sweet of your dad to take her out to eat and so cool that they gave them dessert Yumm!

Tasha & Eva said...

We are so glad to hear that your mommy is doing so well. Sorry we haven't been around to check on you guys lately. Big home projects are trying to be completed before it gets too cold around here. Happy to see your Stillers doing so well. Dad says he wish he could say the same for his Vikings. We need to try that matzo ball and chicken soup. Sounds like the perfect food for us pups! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Maddox said...

Oh how wonderful that your momsy is all better and riding the horse!

Did she at least sneak a rib to you, Juneau???


Holly said...

What are Matso Balls?? I have never heard of them. They sure look yummy though! Glad your mommy is doing so much better!


Ferndoggle said...

I don't know what sounds better...the ribs or the Matzo balls! I'm so glad your Mom is feeling better.

Oh, & BTW...I lied!! I met a Husky this weekend and didn't try to bite him! In fact, I play bowed and wagged my tail at him! There is hope for me yet!


The Daily Echo said...

MMMMM - RIBS! That's Mom's favorite! We're so glad Mom can eat "real" food again. Since she had your TLC see how easy it was?